Reflected By Whimsical Aristocrat

Reflected By Whimsical Aristocrat

Eulennest Art Gallery is happy to be showcasing:

Whimsical Aristocrat

     “Reflected” -Exhibiting  Oct 11th – December 5th

     Do join us for a party October 17 Sunday at 12pm

     DJ Uli will share music to make us move and dance : )

Your teleport to The Party and exhibit @ Eulennest

     “This exhibit  presents a ballet in 10 to 12 frames, where the ballet is   developed  from original inception,  through recruiting,  getting in shape,  learning dance moves, becoming depressed and alcoholic,  a re-awakening of purpose, reflections on the meaning of life,  final  rehearsals and then finally a performance, and then aftermath.” Whims

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