Prins (Skylog)

I am a new sl artist and had my first exhibition in April 2022 and have since had a few more exhibitions. It has been a wonderful journey as I have had to find myself and learn a different technique with windlight and all the little experiences that repetition gives you. 

Remembrance Sunday By Prins

When you have found yourself, you sometimes have to forget everything you have learned, in order to get a new expression, so that not all your pictures become trees in the sunset. Then of course there is Photoshop, which has been rediscovered. I try to make color-saturated images with the sunrise that my nickname Prins refers to – The Little Prince.

Green Moon By Prins

I see myself as a classic photographer who often takes portraits in my landscape pictures. I hope my compositions are good, as it is the praise for my rl photographs that makes me smile the widest.”~ Prins Bio

Last flower before winter by Prins

You can find Prins work at :

Cloud Galleries

Petite industrial Gallery

Prins in the press:


“Prins has an ability to both capture his subjects – and our attention – in a multitude of engaging ways that speak to a natural eye for angle and focus. He is also an artist unafraid to both offer a restrained hand with post-processing and also experiment freely with layering, colour, depth and finish to present pieces that might be said to border on abstract expressionism, further captivating and holding one’s attention.” Inara Pey

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