Cloud Galleries

Cloud Galleries are located in Novatron and are part of Corsica South Coasters.

These pretty spaces in a airy garden sky spot offer not only a Gallery space but more. 

Each space is 50 prims

 You get:

The space at Cloud galleries, 

Here on my website – you will get a page where I will display  3 of your photos and bio along with any links you have social etc.

You will be able to set up events at Cloud Galleries, change stream and self host 

I will add these events to Corsica South Coasters calendar as well as Linden Labs calendar ( if you give me a week notice).

Send me a Poster and info I can help promote your event located at Cloud Galleries @ Corsica South Coasters.

Second Life Groups, Facebook , Flickr , Instagram.

100L gets you this space and services.

Just click the casperlet located on the back patios of the galleries to the  right.

Your original art or photos only please!

Currently only 8 spaces left

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