Go Speed Rasere’s Novels share a sense of the strength of character and classic sci-fi wonder. Bring your ears and listen to a vignette of “Sinatra In A Younger Day”

GoSpeed Rasere is a well know Second Life resident having joined the grid in 2006. In that time Go has found novel Inspiration. Many in fact. Currently GoSpeed writing under the name R. Jacques, has 3 novels and one short story anthology with more on the way. The Emperor’s Reach will be released by Chrstmas …

Come experience the delight of Second Life with Trinity Yazimoto and her Lil friends. Your heart will be glad you did.

"Around the World with my ‘Lil” Friends”  By Trinity Yazimoto  Open Nov 8th – Dec 6th Party at Hoot Suite Art Gallery Featuring the Art of Trinity Yazimoto Gospeed Rasere will share her Dj style through Kona radio.  November 18th- 1 PM Do Join us at the party and come by and see Trinity’s exhibit. Your …

Travel Past & Present in Second Life

So Happy Inara Pey went By my exhibit!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Bare Rose Art Gallery: Owl Dragonash

Owl Dragonash has been a long-term patron of the arts in Second Life. She has supported artists through her curation of multiple art spaces, including most recently her own Hoot Suite Gallery, and she has done much to promote live music in Second Life, as well a providing huge support for a range of arts groups and locations in-world.

Owl has also been a keen SL traveller and blogger  over the years,  capturing regions, parcels, arts events and more. Over the years, it’s been my pleasure and privilege to come to know her and to experience first-hand her support, so it is will a genuine sense of pleasure that I  hope I can help turn the spotlight on Owl’s own work as a Second Life photographer and recorder of places to visit and appreciate through her new exhibition that is open through…

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