ADWEHE exhibiting at Campbell Coast Village!

Join us for the party stay and see Adwehe’s Art! Listen to DD!

You’re teleport to Adwehe’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast Village.

“I have always fantasized really walking inside my RL drawings, like in a dream. SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. I explore an ever changing drawing using lines, light and darkness, color and whatever I can find to express. Creating depth and perspective expanding the dimensions of the exposition room, mostly abstract and animating.

Experimenting with different art forms in Second Life including painting, light, sound and immersive installations. Still relatively new to Second Life’s vast possibilities, I just love to experiment searching for the mysterious randomness that can occur when working with what’s available in the prim world of second life.

Influences I love are light art and kinetic art, minimalism and color field painting. I mix textures from my traditional RL drawings, acrylic and oil paintings inside and outside of SL to achieve patterns, moods and motions.“ Adwehe

Interview by Violet Boa in Virtuality

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