Corsica South Coasters

Corsica South Coasters is a mainland community that shares a love of creativity, art, music, leisure and  beautiful surroundings connecting land and people. It is accessible for anyone to enjoy, with access to the Linden Road and the Waterways, all the way to Blake Sea and beyond. Travelers can arrive or continue their journey by land, sea or air (seaplane/helicopter only) thanks to the direct connection to Circuit La Corse, the nearby docks at Emyniad Harbor, Novatron Port and Port Edge Walker. 

Many tenants and landowners at our community are in one or more ways involved in projects and events around the grid, and share a high interest in creativity. Weekly and one-time events are hosted on location, or visited together: art exhibitions, fishing contests, travel & exploration tours such as sailing / bus tours / horseback riding, music parties for different occasions, and many more. People interested in hosting an event are welcome to get in touch with the respective venue owners.

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Everyone is welcome to join the events, or explore the area and the different venues located around.

You will find horse or hang glider rezzers.

Private homes, of course, are not meant to be invaded. Please show common courtesy.

If you would like to rent in the area please check the board in the Corsica Tourist Center.

To stay up to date with the community, visitors are welcome to

join the group here.

CircuitLa Corse

You have various options to start your tour.

Arrive by Teleport, or travel over by arriving by Plane, Boat or Car:

By Air

Corsica South Coasters Airfield

By Boat:





Corsica Tourist Center

Glastonbelli road

EXPLORING mainland has found its central point at the Corsica Tourist Center. 

We collaborate with such projects as Forever Tourist, Drivers of SL, Leeward Crusing Club (LCC), the Mainland Tour project and more.

Founders first meeting ~ Photo By Catori

EVENTS are announced all around the area on the event calendars and in the Corsica South Coasters group. Or online click below.

Online Event Calendar

LIVE MUSIC & GENERAL EVENTS are hosted at rotating venues in the area.

ART galleries and exhibitions can be found at various spots around the area.

Ck’s Corner

Emyniad Galleries

Garden Roof Galleries

NovaOwl Galleries

BOOKS and reading are your passion? Drop by Books & Coffee

The books are clickable and link to interesting blogs, or books published about SL, or to works by RL authors who are active SL residents.

WEEKLY FISHING CONTEST is hosted every Monday at NovaOwl

We use the N-O Fishing system. Its fun easy and trophies are awarded do join us!

Do come by and Visit Us!

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