Dimivan Ludwig

Dimivan Ludwig is a pro. He has been performing Professional live Music in his physical Life for over 25 years and in Second Life since 2006.  

Dimi plays Acoustic Guitar, Piano, and Percussion. When you hear Dimi perform he is 100% Live and all Dimi! His shows defiantly wow you with his humor and talent.

Currently Dimi is retired and exploring his creative side through Photography in both his Physical Life and Second Life. 

Road Kings written and Produced By Dimi aka Chris Harlow

In the 1920’s and 30’s young men “Hopped The rails” in search of work. Their average age was 17, Folklore referred to them as “Hobo’s. they called themselves “Road Kings”

Chris Harlow

Dimi own’s and does booking for a great LIVE Music venue the Duval Street Pub in Second Life. Good Music and times check events to see who and when.

Photo by Dmi

See and Hear More Dimi in Second Life

Dimi on the web

Dimi on Flickr

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