Gates on the Water, Kintsugi, May 2020 by Inara Pey

The above calendar includes events for Corsica South Coast – (NovaOwl, CK’s Corner, Glastonbelli, Sunstream & Emyiad) and Owl Dragonash stuff.

The Vinnie Show June 22nd

Hop on the bus for your ride to the show.. click here

JOe paravane June 8th

Hop on the bus for your ride to the show.. click here

Poster by Uli

Do come join us for the opening party of Melina Sue’s exhibit!

12 pm – 5 June @ NovaOwl Sky Gallery

Music By DJ ULi

here is your limo

RegI Yifu

Limitations are Self-Imposed” @ Glastonbelli Art Installation do come see this!

Hop on the bus for your ride to the show.. click here

Flyer - Exhibition Skip Staheli  @ NovaOwl Art Gallery

Sunday April 3 ART Opening SKIP STAHELI with dj Uli @ NovaOwl

1 pm DO come by here is your limo

Louis Indigo photo by Dolphin Difference

JoIn us March 30 at 11 am for a Live show by Louis Indigo at the CTC Tea Garden In @secondlife.

Lluis – “This Spanish musician is talented…. whether he’s chilled or groovin” or “intense and focused”. 
Lluis brings an artistry to his music that remains in your head long after his set is finished. 
Come join us for a wild time!
at Corsica Tourist Center Tea Garden!

Hop on the bus for your ride to the show.. click here

Art Opening for Theda Tammas Installation “tabula rasa”

1 pm Sunday 13 of February  Morlita Quan ‘s Music do come see & hear this! 

Your ride to the event click here.

February 9 2022

Winston Ackland & Joe Paravane Live at The Tea Garden!

DO come join us for a casual Garden Party in the Tea Garden of course. Bring your own cucumber sandwiches and tea! 
12pm – 2 pm 

🌹 Your Ride to The Tea garden

12 pm – Winston Ackland – The warmth and genuine feel of this Musician shines through clearly . Winston brings you his talent and crazy wonderful vibe! 🌟

1 pm Joe Paravane – San Francisco bay area singer songwriter Joe sings & performs acoustic finger-picking guitar mixing folk, rock, delta & ragtime styles.  🌟

DO join us for Winston & Joe’s sweet sounds at our Tea party.
Dress code – casual.

Winston Ackland – AKA Bruce Lash can be found on Band camp

Joe Paravane Aka Joe Rizzo can be found on his website

Whoo Hoo Uli’s Bday !! Do join us 💜

Party for Uli is at Pier 7 at 12 pm SLT. Click here for your ride!

Every Monday 12pm at Pier 7 Join us for N-O Fishing contest.

Today as usual from 12pm (noon) SLT fishing contest at the Owls Nest.

DJ Uli will be hosting and you should have music requests ready.
Of course there will be trophies for the biggest catch and the fattest Whopper.

Have fun and good catch !!

Mainland Tours with Yukiko

Tour Date

Wednesday, January 19, 12:00pm SLT

@ Bellisserian Embassy Sansara

More info on Yukiko’s website here

Join us Sunday at 12pm the 9 of January for a PARTY with Dj Uli Jansma at ♫ Eulennest ♫

Your Ride to the Owl’s exhibit and Party!

“I love owls. I love how they are inspirational to so many people and have significance in many different cultures. How they are creatures of wisdom, vigilance, fortune and also death.” CK

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