“Fifty Shades of Pey’ an exhibit by Inara Pey

Shades of Pey is an exhibit of photography by InaraPey, a Second Life Resident and writer.

Inara’s exhibit features places she has travelled and blogged about.

She is exhibiting at NovaOwl July 3 – August 29th.

Opening party is July 13th at 12 pm with Dj Uli.

Do come join us! Your ride to Inara’s exhibit and the party!

Poster by Inara

This exhibit reflects the places she has traveled and blogged about. As you’ve seen in her writing, Inara sees things in great detail, and you can see the same detail and depth in her photography. Inara’s photos are a perfect example of the beauty and the diversity of the world that is Second Life. 

 If you have been in SecondLife for some time you know her name – Inara Pey. 

Inara has written about the places we visit, the art we see, and the platform we use (second life). More often than not, Inara explains what Linden Lab is doing more clearly than they do. Many things I know or have experienced in SL I would not know or have found without her blog “INARA PEY: LIVING IN A MODEMWORLD” Her posts, blog and voice have defiantly contributed to shaping mine and many other peoples Sl journeys.

WAR - May 2022
War photo by Inara Pey

“This week we are shining a spotlight on Inara Pey. As the writer behind the comprehensive blog Living in a Modemworld, Inara reports on the evolution, current events, and vast potential of Second Life and virtual worlds. Living in a Modemworld is almost as old as SL itself, adding gravitas to the observations found in its lengthy catalog.”

Second Life spotlight

 have been following Modem World, Inara’s blog Since 2009 and as her writing and coverage have evolved I feel as if she has definitely unearthed the diamond that is her voice, blog and the elegance of her photography. Inara’s blog tag line is ‘Second Life, Virtual Worlds, and Virtual Realities”. She writes about regions built by residents, Art, Real life Space news, Linden Lab announcements, technical posts, viewer posts, and so much.

Crystal Garden Estates - May 2017
Crystal Garden estate photo by Inara Pey

 Inara’s photography seems to be an extension of her blogging many of her photos are from regions she has visited and blogged about further enriching her written showcase of our collective evolving Second life.

Do take the time to come see Inara’s Photography and join us for the party!

your ride

~ see you at the party!


Come see the amazing Art and hear the talented Musicians at Glastonbelli 2022 in Second Life!

Glastonbelli is a virtual music festival in Second Life that features live musicians and artists. Come see and hear the amazing talent this festival has to offer!

The event was created in 2019 by Bjoy, Doc Rast and Owl Dragonash to commemorate the Glastonbury festival in England. This year is the 50 th anniversary for Glastonbury So we thought we would host the event this year 2022 on June 26th.

Glastonbelli will be held at The Glastonbelli Pyramid stage created by Cranston Yordstorm. This event features Live Musicians and exhibits Art by Caly Applewhyte, Alex Riverstone, Melina Sue,Stephen Venkman, Bijoux, Creaky Ballyhoo and me, Owl Dragonash. You can find more about these Artists here.

Glastonbelli Virtual Music festival.

June 26 9am – 2pm

Tune In Turn On Take the Ride


Musicians performing include:

9 am Alsund

10 am LLuis Indigo

11 am Cranston Yordstorm

12 pm Jed Luckless with particle show by Moondance Parx

Alsund is an acoustic guitar player and singer songwriter who will be playing today. Join us to listen to this talented musician who has been playing for a while and is really good! Owl approved! Real Music for Real folks … in a virtual world  Alsund on Facebook

Lluis Indigo is a phenomenal electric guitar player who seamlessly fuses jazz and rock. “This Spanish musician is talented…. whether he’s chilled or groovin” or “intense and focused”. His music is so artistic and captivating that you can’t help but remember it long after he’s finished playing. More about Lluis on his website here.

Cranston Yordstorm is a talented singer with a passion for performance. He has years of experience in music theater, and his upcoming show will feature a mix of blues and jazz. Come see him live and enjoy a great set of music! You can find more about Cranston here.

NYC area musician Jed Luckless is best known for his live performances in the virtual world of Secondlife. His unique improvisational style has led to him being nicknamed Jammin’ Jed, and this spontaneity makes every performance a one-of-a-kind experience for the listener. You can find more about Jed on his website here

This is a 2 Hour show with particles by Moondance Parx!

Glastonbelli is a virtual music festival that is hosted live from a virtual stage. To come listen you will need to have an avatar you can get one free from Second Life here. This is 5 hours of live music in a beautiful wooded area with Stonehenge nearby. A talented selection of Artist’s work and amazing Musicians do come join us for the day!

Tune In Turn On Take the Ride

here is a video from SL4live Tv of the 2019 Glastonbelli virtual Music festival

SL4Live TV

Hoot see you at the show!


4 events at Corsica South Coasters in the next 4 days. We would love to meet you, and share Art, Music, Fishing and Community!

The beginning of June at Corsica South Coasters brings us our usual events and some new ones.

Exhibiting Melina Sue’s virtual photography and her real life paintings as well as her sketches at NovaOwl Sky Gallery.

This is Melina’s first exhibit in Second Life we are really happy to share her talent with you.

This exhibit runs June 1 – July 31.

Do join us for the Opening party in the new NovaOwl Sky Gallery at 12pm June 5 Sunday.

The party will be a meet & greet with Mel  and have the danceable music by DJ Uli jansma.

Here is your limo  (click)

Melina Sue poster by Uli

The Glastonbelli Art Installation featuring Regi Yifu.

 Limitations are Self-Imposed  is a very colorful and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. 

This has been blogged by Inara per on Modem World and

By Frank Atisso on Art Korner

Take a psychedelic trip and visit Regi’s work here.

Limitations are Self – Imposed by Regi Yifu

Fishing with Dj Uli Monday

June 6 at 12pm.

This event is weekly and uses the (N-O) fishing system by North Crannock

You can see on the N-O fishing website

Prizes awarded for biggest catch and whopper.

Take this ferry to the event.

N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl
N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl By Uli Jansma

Town Meeting  open to the Corsica South Coaster community and friends.

This is held at NovaOwl June 7 at 12pm Tuesday.

The idea is to talk and share ideas and catch up with folks.

Come listen, share or just meet folks.

Your ride to the meeting.

I will share more soon this brings us up to Tuesday June 7, like I may have mentioned Corsica south coasters has a lot going on. you can always check our Events calendar here.

if you are interested in blogging and would like to do some guest spots here I would love to have you.

Either catch me in world to talk or send me a email OwlDragonash@gmail.com.

~Hoot Owl

Artwork that makes the perfect gift for anyone! Melina Sue is an artistic inspiration who shares her amazing portraiture and more with us.

Melina Sue

Melina Sue is a multi-discipline, mixed media artist, treasure hunter and soulsearcher (SL and RL). No matter  the medium… her Art has always been a manifestation of her personal journey. My heart says infinitely more then these words can communicate.  ♥

Melina Sue

I was introduced to Melina’s art when she picked up a gallery in CorsicaSouthCoasters at CK’s Corner in the Garden Roof Galleries. The soothing palette drew my eyes the lovely depth had me look more. Melina seems to foray into a wide range of mediums and styles all seem to carry a depth of spirit. Iam enjoying seeing more of her work in Second life. Between Melina’s portraiture, mixed media and photography you are sure to find her work speaking to you too. Melina has an uplifting gift and shares it well!

Melina Sue’s Work at Garden Roof Galleries

I asked Melina a few questions I’ll share here :

How did your Artistic Journey in Second Life begin? 

Melina’s response: ” I started in SL 2009  and in 2010 I started to work as a photographer and musician in SL  Few years later.

I`ve had a longer break in SL  (6 years) and came back in 2021  and started again as a digital artist and painter with some  new ideas. I  draw portraits  of avatars  and show my rl paintings 🙂 ” 

Jungernfahrt - Maiden Voyage
Jungernfahrt – Maiden Voyage by Melina Sue

Where is your favorite place in Second Life to go to help get your creativity “moving”?

Melina’s response: “At the moment I enjoy  my own little land at most …and I love  to  take one of my Teegle horses and look around nice and quit sims like “ROCKMEAD”  or I take my little sailing boat and sail along the sea… all these things brings my creativity moving.” 

Home by Melina Sue

Is there an artistic medium you can not do with out and what is it also why?

Melina response: “I can not build artful sculptures because  for the most I have work  with Blender…. and that is not mine 🙂  Nobody can do all … :)))”

Handmade Painting  of my Avatar
handmade painting of my Avatar by Melina Sue

What would a dream project be for you artistically?

Melina response: “Oh I have lots of  ideas for project. I would love to do a big show here in sl with different art  and artists…. something you can call:  Dream Circus …  btw this is a long  RL dream too …but its easier  to do in sl because of the money for such a big project 🙂  People who would come to my “Dream Circus”  would get a little “magical”  stone or something like that :… so they will remember at this special day and it makes them smile …. this project shall make the people smile 🙂 Hope I can realize it one day in sl …. ” 

(I actually have a few ideas for how you can get that started Mel)

One Soul
One Soul by Melina

How do you feel  about art and its influence on society?

Melina response: “Art makes a lot for people ( sl and rl )  … it can give them memories and feelings. “

Freedom by Melina Sue

What a lovely look into an artists thought thank you for sharing Melina!

You can find more info and work by Melina Sue:

on her website Melina Sue Digital Artists & Photographer

In world Melina’s Gallery @ Garden Roof Gallery

On Flickr

Do take the time to come visit Melina’s gallery in Second Life!

~ Owl

Interview with Uli Jansma By Susan Decuir

What a wonderful interview of Uli about Novaowl!

“My Second Life” Bliog spot by Susan Decuir.


Novatron_010 NovaOwl April 2022
Photo by Rig Torok

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