N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl
Photo By Uli

NovaOwl is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica, located on Novatron.

It is a meeting place where events take place regularly, Art exhibits often, Dance parties and Dj sessions a lot. Come rezz your boat and go sailing, Catch our weekly fishing Event on Mondays at 12pm SLT. or just pop by and explore the water , Art and Beauty.

ULI Jansma is the Captain of this area feel free to say hi.

an Interview Uli by Susan Decuir

We are looking forward to your visit! 

Logo By Uli

NovaOwl Includes a Beautiful club house with a big courtyard cafe and Dj area.

The Clubhouse includes NovaOwl Gallery and doorways to 2 sky Galleries.

NovaOwl has fishing area for our every Monday fishing event with Dj Uli do come by and join the competition.

The Fishing Gang

And of course Sailing! There are rezz areas for your boat and a lot of linden water to sail through over 600 sims as well as all around Corsica and a channel to the Blake sea area.

Photo by Owl

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Caly Applewhyte – “Crowns”January – February 2023

News: Modem World

The Maurers

Creaky Ballyhoo “Ode to Snowmen” @ NovaOwl December 1 – January 30

News: Modem World

The Maurers

Through Owl’s Eye

Alex Riverstone “Melancholia” @ NovaOwl November 11 – December 31

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The Maurers

Ambre Singh  “Mishaps” @ NovaOwl October 6 – November 27 2022

News: Ambre Singh

The Maurer’s

Prins @ NovaOwl September 3 – October 31 2022

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Prins NovaOwl September 3 - October 31 2022

NovaOwl Sky Gallery featured:


Vanessa Jane – Endymion Open August 14 – September 25th, 2022 at the NovaOwl Sky Gallery is an exhibition of Second Life art by Vanessa Jane (VanessaJane66)

Inara Pey – always says it best!

“Fifty Shades of Pey” an exhibit of photography by Inara Pey, a Second Life Resident, and writer.

July 3 – August 29th 2022

news: ART Korner, Diomita, Inara Pey

Melina Sue Poster By Uli

Melina Sue exhibiting June 1 – July 31

Inara Pey says it best on her blog Modem World

NovaOwl Art Gallery featured:

Skip STaheli @ NovaOwl Gallery poster by Uli

Skip Staheli exhibiting April 3 – June 25th

No one describes it better than Inara : Modem World “skip-staheli-at-novaowl-in-second-life/