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The above calendar includes events for Hoot Suite Art Gallery ,Eulennest, Campbell Coast including the Glastonbelli stage and Owl Dragonash stuff.

A floral Encouragement By Owl Dragonash

“The power of a flower has always intrigued me, capturing my attention and marveling at the powerful beauty.”

@ PAC Phoenix Arts. Collaboration!

*Here is your ride to the exhibit*

Charlie Namiboo @ Eulennest

Hello everybody, It is a very special pleasure for us today to announce that our dear Charlie Namiboo has adorned our Art Gallery with some wonderful pictures. Her exhibition starts April 5th and can be seen until May 30, 2021.

Your teleport to Charlie’s exhibit.


The Campbell Coast Artists Village Egg Hunt 2021 starts on the 3rd of April and will last till the end of April 11th.

Three resident artists have hidden 5 eggs each, somewhere in and around the artists village.
Find all 15 of them and enjoy the little gifts inside.

Have fun!

Alex Riverstone
Owl Dragonash
CK Ballyhoo

Don’t forget to come back for the Spring Party on the 11th!

Art Gala for Caly Applewhyte
Please join us for this event to welcome Caly to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.
*** Wednesday March 24th at
10 am Aminius Writer performing live
11am Dj Krys Calamity takes us into an after party of fun & Dancing!

Caly is exhibiting March 15th – April 10th stop by anytime!
She has added class and style to Hoot Suite with her wild talented Photography

teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery

Mainland Tour: Campbell Coast Edt2
Mainland Tour: Campbell Coast – Photo and Tour by Yukiko Yeshto

It has been promised, finally I could make some time! We are going to revisit Campbell Coast since a lot of people have been asking about it. However, with a very few exceptions, we will explore the sites which couldn’t be considered anymore last time due to time limit. So if you have joined the previous tour, you will get to see new sites around the area. Some of them have just been added or revamped!
Meeting Time & Location
Saturday, March 13, 9:00am SLT
@ Edge Walker
Suzen Juel @ Eulennest poster by Uli with Suzen’s photo

Do Join us for the opening of Suzen Juel’s exhibit at Eulennest Art Gallery!

Opening party Feb 23rd at 12pm with Dj Uli

Here is a limo to the exhibit and event.

Hoot come celebrate the grand Opening of Campbell Coast Artists Village with us!
an Unveiling for a special surprise, music , dancing and lots of art!!
Feb 14th at noon for the unveiling : ))))
12 pm Live Music by Suzen Juel
1pm DJ Doc Rast

Your teleport to the party!

Campbell Coast Artists Village is home for the galleries of many amazing Artists Work.Plan a bit of time and come wander you will feed your mind and soul. Thank you Bjoyful, Doc Rast and Kitty for making such a warm welcoming place!

Artists links are here.


Hippiestock Jan 30th at Lagrange spaceport

Hippiestock Jan 30th

scheduled to be the last one put on by Hippe Bowman who has been throwing this party since 2011

Featuring he music of:

10 am The Vinnie Show!

11am Hippie Bowman & Dick “Marty” Steel

12pm Wiinston Ackland

1pm Dimi Ludwig

2pm Songbird Sorbet

3pm Lexus Melodie

4pm  Lexie luan & Zorch Boomhauer

5pm -7pm – Jed Luckless

with Moondance Parx particles

Tune in turn on take the ride Hippiestock

An Art exhibit by Anouk Lefavre at a new location Eulennest Gallery.

Anouk is exhibiting  now –  Jan. 24th 2021

.★.«”Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” ».★.

Your Teleport to Eulennest do come by!


winter wonder

PAC is well worth your visit as this is home to many studio galleries.

Here is a Teleport to PAC.


At Hoot Suite Art Gallery, I am Featuring the photos of Michiel Bechir. 

Michiel is exhibiting Dec. – Jan. 10th

Do come by and see his wonderful work !

Here is a teleport to Michiel Bechir’s exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery.

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