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Painting the Summer in Second Life

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:
Hoot Suite Gallery: Mareea Farrasco Now open at the Hoot Suite Gallery, the boutique gallery in Bellisseria curated by Owl Dragonash, is an exhibition that reminds us that while getting out and about to enjoy the beauty of summer may not be easy because of…


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Campbell Coast

A new way to enjoy Second Life.  
A rural Scottish coastal themed setting with access to Protected Roadway and Protected Coastal Waterway.  
Open sailing water all the way to the Blake Sea.

Above Quote from the Campbell Coast Website
Campbell Coast photo by Owl Dragonash

Campbell Coast is a wonderful collection of People located in this beautiful Scottish Village in Second Life.

Bjoy & Doc Rast are the two exceptionally talented people who created the lovely village and homes that dot the coastline. This village has multiple Art Galleries, three stages, many photogenic spots and sailing all the way to the Blake Sea.

“The idea I dreamed up to beautify and improve abandoned land all over Mainland using Campbell Coast as an example project. Campbell Coast’s aim is to be a haven for Art, Music, Community, fun and promote Mainland for its unique distinction as being connected to Regions among ALL other virtual reality environments.  Campbell Coast welcomes everyone to visit and if residents wish, they can donate tier to actually own a bit of it …or rent …or just visit.  ”

Our wonderful Bjoy!

Visit Campbell Coast here is a teleport

Do you want to live in a beautiful Scottish coastal village or near one? 

It barely rains on Campbell Coast – so it’s better than RL!

Amenities include but are not limited to : Stonehenge, Coastal access, Linden Road access, Boutique Village, Artists Galleries, Live Music stages, Beautiful Scottish ruins, Sailing or boating, Dj’ Parties and Great Community!

Click here to see what rentals are open.

Lochness monster
Nessi – Sculpture by Cica Ghost landscaped by Kitty Mills photo by Owl Dragonash

Our Community includes

Many Artists see Artists, Author & Musicians

Bjoy – Builder, Amazing Woman

Doc Rast – Builder, DJ listen here

Kitty Mills – Builder, Flickr

Bela Tolson – Builder, Flickr

The Bellisseria Embassy @ Campbell Coast

A Campbell Coast rental Office

As things grow and time goes on the info here may change,

this is fluid still building and growing.

Do come visit us!

Again here is a tp to Campbell Coast.

Hoot Suite Art Gallery

Hoot Suite Art Gallery is a place to view new Art Monthly.

Live Music occasionally as well as a nice place to sit down and chat.

It has a lovely view of the river in Bellisseria,

Linden Labs newest continent In Second Life.

Feel free to come see the Art and hang out anytime open 24/7

Here is aTp to Hoot Suite Art Gallery!

Hoot Suite Art Gallery also has a Flicker page here.

Currently we are featuring:

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” from sayings of Buddha”

Gidgy Adagio

Exhibiting Oct. 4th – Nov. 1st

Do come by for Giidgy’s beautiful magical exhibit!

Hoot Suite Art Gallery Teleport

Artists who have exhibited at Hoot Suite Art Gallery:

Skip Staheli

Skip Staheli – “Body Positivity!”

Opening party September 2nd – Live Music By The Vinnie Show!

Skip’s exhibit runs August 30th – September 27th.

Click for a little more .

Poster By Mareea Farrasco

Mareea Farrasco – ” Painting the Summer”- July  26th – August 23rd

Photo by me

Opening Party July 27th Noon featuring the live music of Winston Ackland

Click for a bit More about Mareea Farrasco.

By Suzen Juel

Suzen Juel – June 21st– July 19th

Click for a bit More Suzen Juel

CioTToLNa Xue

CioTToLiNa Xue – May 17th – June 14th

CioTToLiNa Xue.

AWESOME FALLEN – April 12th  -May 11th

Awesome Fallen and More.

Earth day Celebration April 22nd with Joe Paravane at 10am & Dj Doc Rast at 11am

Poster By Doc Rast

Aries x3 Hosted – Glastonbelli – June 16th & June 17th at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds


BAMBOO BARNES March – April 6th

Art Gala March 25th 9am – Winston Ackland

Bamboo info and More Bamboo Barnes