Michiel Bechir

Michiel Bechir

Michiel started his long virtual journey into Second Life as a photographer in 2009.

Follow Michiel on his Facebook & his Flickr.

“First my main motivation was to share the richness of creations of all those different sims, with all their aspects. During my trips I did meet a lot of people from all over the world. They taught me a lot of their backgrounds, passions and interests. I have discovered the possibilities from all kinds of tools which helped me to improve my captures. By editing them I try to add a personal touch and feeling. Experiments with the effect of colors are often done, and more recently I am trying to show the details by working with high resolution photos”

Michiel Bechir
Venesha II
Venesha II by Michiel

Michiel exhibits and curates at quite a few galleries.

Michiel exhibits currently at :

You can also find Michiel’s work on Flickr

Lost Lagoon
Lost Lagoon by Michiel

Michiel Bechir owns & Curates these Galleries:

Michiel’s  Cafe’ and Art Gallery @ My Little Paris by French Riviera Village – Teleport

This cafe gallery features 1 artist month.

Michiel Bechir’s main Gallery – Teleport

The main Gallery feature 3 artists monthly.

Chapel Imagination III
Chapel Imagination III By Michiel


some of Michiel’s press:


Art in Second Life 2020 (48) Michiel’s Art café and gallery at Little Paris – Aug. 2020 by Diomita & Jenny Maurer’s Blog

See you at the galleries I’ll be the one drinking an espresso and eating a croissant. ~ Owl

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