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Anja Neobookie’s Unusual Exhibition Opens The Way For Conversation

Anja Neobookie is exhibiting "Take a Chair and It Talks" at NovaOwl in Second Life. The opening party is on March 15, Wednesday at 1pm With Dj Uli Jansma

Art exhibit

Joanna Kitten Exhibiting at Cloud Galleries

I want to tell you about Joanna Kitten and her newest virtual photography exhibit in Second Life at Cloud Galleries. Joanna Kitten: Kitten has been in Second Life since December 27, 2019. She became interested in virtual Photography in 2020 after seeing a photography competition. In Joanna's photos, she uses the Black Dragon Viewer developed by NiranV Dean and does …

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NovaOwl Presents Caly Applewhyte

Calypso Applewhyte's "Crowns" opening January 8 , Sunday at 12pm with DJ Uli Jansma We are thrilled to have Caly and hope you all can join us for the party! at NovaOwl in Corsica South Coasters Hop in the limo and arrive in style

The colorful world of Regi Yifu

Second Life opened in 2003, and the artists' scene has been growing in many ways. With mesh introduced in 2011, the 3d art creators have even more ways to express their creativity.Second Life provides artists with a forum to create new forms of art. This art is often beyond the possibilities in real life due …

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“Fifty Shades of Pey’ an exhibit by Inara Pey

Shades of Pey is an exhibition of photography by Inara Pey, a Second Life resident and writer.. her exhibit features places she has traveled and blogged about.