what is in your unconscious and what do you want to manifest? SL18B and The Archetype of emergence by Vanessa Jane may show you a glimpse.

The Archetype of Emergence – Vanessa Jane

“What’s swimming in your unconscious ready to emerge and take flight?”

Vanessa Jane at her Sl18B exhibit

What a quote! And really we all owe it to ourselves to think on this, I mean what is in your unconscious and what do you want to manifest. Amidst our face paced lives we can lose focus and just be doing with out creating the life you want to create for yourself. We do hold the paintbrush that creates our day, week, month, year ..life. Take time to direct how you live and what you want your life to hold.

Basically that’s a glimpse of where that quote took my mind. This build is exactly to theme (Hidden worlds) for SL18B, our minds do contain multitudes of hidden worlds. I Love visiting sl and seeing what people choose to create!

Vanessa Jane’s build

The Archetype of Emergence

Here is a teleport to Vanessa’s exhibit at SL18B

Makes you think and well you have to go see because my photos do not show how wild and intense what she has created is. Vanessa Jane is (vanessajane66) has an Art degree and has been making art for a long time in her life currently in Second Life she is a 2D and 3D Artist.

“In my SL 2D Art I strive for ‘painterly realism’ and have a passion for capturing the elusive light and life in a scene, which brings a unique atmosphere.  I bring my real life training as an artist to my aesthetic sensibility in the images I create in SL.  When I get the chance I also enjoy opportunities to do 3D art using tortured prims.”

Vanessa Jane bio
The Archetype of Emergence – Vanessa Jane

This wonderfully talented woman in addition to SL18B, currently has an exhibit at Michiel Bechir Gallery

You can also find her work at her galleries:

Vanessa Jane – main Gallery

Gallery @ Cherished Melody (PAC)

Gallery Cottage at Carmel 


Ruin in the Woods
Ruin in the Woods – Vanessa Jane

This particular photo by Vanessa delighted me with the way she used light to draw the eye to the “Ruin in the woods”. She has grasped “capturing the elusive light” wonderfully! I could fill the page with her work but really go to SL18B and see her build then go hop to her galleries and see her flicker you will enjoy it! I did.

Vanessa Jane is defiantly an Artist to go see and follow!


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