3 Art events to see before they are gone! Ceakay Ballyhoo, Gitu Aura and all of SL18B will engage your mind and help you find your creativity.

Exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery
May 24 th – June 19th — ends Sunday

“Blushock Space Adventures” by Ceakay Ballyhoo

This exhibit shows an overview of the places The BluShock Coalition have gone and the planets they have created. They currently live on a huge Asteroid that has a way to fold space and makes them able to visit anywhere in (any) universe.

Here is your ride to CK’s exhibit

Giitu exhibit at Eulennest

Eulennest Art Gallery is happy to be Featuring :

“Hidden thoughts” By Gitu Aura

June 7th August 1st

Your teleport to Eulennest
“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer.” ~ Terri Guillemets

Campbell Coast @ SL18B

YES! an incredible build by Kitty and art stars by CK!
quite wonderful!

Also an ART Gatcha for Free! It even has some rares in it!

DO come see what w have been up to and all th amazing builds at Sl18b Party!

you can visit all of the exhibits and builds here is where to look for all the events.

Your Teleport to Campbell Coast at SL18B

see you out there

~ Owl

Kitty Mills
Campbell Coast @ SL18B By Kitty Mills

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