Blues Rocker chasing his muse and exhibiting in Second Life. Blues exhibits show you how his mind and eye connect to create Art.

Blues Rocker has reconnected with his muse and is exhibiting.

Blues Rocker has been involved in the Art scene in Second Life since 2011. In his life he has experienced and created art in many ways.

The adventure begins souls of dreams
“The adventure begins souls of dreams” Sept 2020 By Blues Rocker

“Coming from a musical background, I have had a very keen appreciation of the creative process, whether it be in music, the performing arts, painting, writing or photography. Having that interest sparked my involvement in the artistic possibilities of Second Life”

Blues Rocker

Currently Blues is exhibiting his work at:

Desertscapes An Exhibition Of Desert Landscapes
poster by Blues Rocker

Isme Fine Arts Galleries – “Desertscapes”

Click here for your teleport to Blues exhibit.

This exhibit depicts landscapes by Blues 2 pieces really caught my eye.  

“Somewhere Around Taos” and “Moon over Grand Canyon at Dusk”

What kept my attention in both of these pieces is the realism, you feel right there looking at them. After staring for a while, I still do not know if these were shot in second Life or his waking Life.

Though hmm the lm to Isme Fine ART Galleries is Grand Canyon south…Either way the mood and view are worth seeing! 

Club LA curated By Wintergeist featuring the art of Blues Rocker 

Click here for your teleport to Blues exhibit at Club LA

The is a non-titled exhibit consisting of 6 pieces. Blues displayes a mix of his dark and light work bringing the exhibit together by tone and eye. 

“Being of Two Minds” an older piece of Blues always catches my attention it depicts a drawing apart and the color palette reflects the image perfectly. 

“Sorrow in the Desert” was used for the poster Image and depicts Mistero Hifeng’s sculpture. The neutral desert colors makes the mage pop with clean lines drawing you in.

“Antler Fille” by Blues Rocker

Blues Rocker also has a Permanent Gallery at Artists Village in Campbell Coast.

Here is your teleport to Blues @ Artists Village Campbell Coast

My current favorite piece at his Campbell Coast Gallery is titled “Bliss” A sweet Black and white piece clearly depicting bliss on his subject’s face.

Looking at it makes me smile.

“I like to be diverse in my works, and I love taking portraits, the more artistic and esoteric and landscapes equally. Wherever my muse takes me at any given time.  Really, the only limits are those of the realms of the imagination. “

Blues Rocker

You can also see Blues Rockers work at :

Blues Rocker portfolio

Blues Rocker SL 2020 Flickr

Blues older work on Flicker

 Go wander the grid check out some art.

~ Owl

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