Magic, creation, fantasy, story, humor are the essence of Gidgy Adagio. She communicates with you through how you feel while viewing her builds and photos. Have you experienced her work?

Gidgy Adagio is exhibiting at

Hoot Suite Art Gallery

October 4th – November 1st

This magical woman has such a wonderful eye and energy!

Second Life can be a beautiful place to be creative and explore. You can nearly do anything in this pixel world. The friendships here are very real, the pixels are not. For me SL is about creating stories. Using the imagination. Smiles and lots of laughter. I hope the reader experiences both!”

Gidgy Adago

Gidgy also has a permanent Gallery at Campbell Coast do come visit.

Gidgy’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast

“No-one saves us but ourselves….” Gidgy Adagio

Gidgy Adagio has been a resident of SL since 2010. She has been bringing her awe and wonder to us through her Art for quite awhile.

I was introduced to Gidgy’s humor and talent in 2014 and had the privilege of being in a wonderful Flicker group created by Coobs called incidental imagery with Coobs, Ermandalee, Caitlan Tobias, Jewell Wirefly, Gidgy Adagio, Daallee, Karena Zhangsun, Thus Yootz, Kallyca McCallen, Cate Storymoon and Owl Dragonash . In the group we had weekly photo assignments to complete. It was a lot of fun and we all got to know each other as well as learn a bit and practice!. Life the universe and all eventually caught up with me and everyone in the group and we faded away to our own pursuits and still friends.

Sometimes with the waves of change, we find our purpose. Gidgy Adagio

Gidgy began creating regions.

Her first region creation was Hobbinton n 2017.

(existing only in memory and photo now)

Gidgy’s Hobbiton photo by Loverdag

Inara Pey blogged this fantasy of a regionHobbiton here on Modem world.

Hobbiton flamed by Caitln Tobias

Late 2017 Gidgy Adagio designed and still owns Savor Serenity .

(yes this is open go see it! )

“All the world is filled with magic, but the greatest magic of all is found within.”

Savor Serenity & Gidgy exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery
Savor Serenity by Owl Dragonash

Gidgy did a redesign in 2018 of the Savor Serenity region keeping the magic and fantasy energy that is so her signature. This gorgeous magical region is well worth your time. get lost in the fantasy build of forest and dragons, plant and myth. let the fog and stars guide you as you wander the depths and delight of each curve and detail.

Inara Pey was there and wrote about it here

Maddy Gynoid covered Savor Serenity April 2019 and January 2020 on his blog Really Virtual.

among the fields above the sea
among the fields above the sea CybelMoon

Visit the beautiful Savor Serenity and stop byCybel’s gallery there
your unicorn awaits

There are many many Gorgeous photos of Savor Serenity and you can see a lot of them here in Savor serenity Flickr group.

March of 2018 Gidgy designed the Gaia Calling region.

(under new design and management now)

Chronicled by Inara Pey on Modem world.

Open now Gaia Calling
Gaia Callng By Gidgy Adagio

“Many moons ago, many sunrises ago, Gaia called. Her song singing the essence of our being, the calling of the soul, the oneness of our dream, and as our consciousness arises, Gaia smiles.”

Another gorgeous build by Gidgy Adagio was

The Queens Garden at The Fantasy Fair 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 was the 12th year of the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Fantasy Faire
Queen's Garden - FF 2020
Queens Garden FF 2020 by Julala (owner of Jinx)

Queensgarden Fantasy Faire
Queens Garden Fantasy Fare 2020 by Gidgy Adagio
Queensgarden 050720-2_003
Queens Garden By Seicher Rae — “Seeker”

There are many more photos of Gidgy’s Fantasy Fare build n the flicker group

As you can see Gidgy s an amazing photographer an incredible builder and quite the magical creature.

Something Witchy the way comes By Gidgy Adagio

Check out her exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery Oct 4th – NOv. 1st

Go wandering feel the magic at Gidgy’s Savor Serenity.

Visit CybelMoons Art Gallery hidden at savor Serenity.

Come to Campbell Coasts Artist Village see Giidgy Adagio and many other Galleries.

Look at Gidgy’s Flckr.

~See you around the grid.

Hoot ~ Owl

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