The colorful world of Regi Yifu

Second Life opened in 2003, and the artists’ scene has been growing in many ways. With mesh introduced in 2011, the 3d art creators have even more ways to express their creativity.
Second Life provides artists with a forum to create new forms of art. This art is often beyond the possibilities in real life due to physical constraints or high associated costs. So this virtual world Second Life has built up a large art community with many opportunities for artists to create and share their work.

“Second Life has created an environment where artists can display their works to an audience across the world. This has created an entire artistic culture where many residents display art in the museums, galleries and homes they can buy or build using Second Life’s powerful tools. Gallery openings even allow art patrons to “meet” and socialize with exhibiting artists and has even led to many real life sales.”


Regi Yifu has been in the virtual world of Second Life and creating since 2007.

Some of his current exhibits include:

Glastonbelli art Installation –

Limitations are self-Imposed.

GlastonBelli and Corsica South Coasters are delighted to introduce a colorful new art installation by Regi Yifu, entitled ‘Limitations Are Self-Imposed.’ Artists-In-Residence is invited to exhibit for six months. This exhibit runs through November 18, 2022 

Featured on Second Life destinations Limitations are Self-Imposed is a very interactive and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. This exhibit was blogged by Inara Pey – Modem World and By Frank Atisso – Art Korner

Take a psychedelic trip and visit Regi’s work here.

Regi YIfu – Wormhole must be seen photos do not capture it.

WORMHOLE GALLERY by Regi Yifu at Artsville

This is inspired by a previous installation Regi did called Ant Farm; smaller in scale and more colorfully done, Wormhole is a psychedelic voyage through a tunnel featuring art by Sofi (bachi Cheng). the whole experience is interactive, with moving colors and a wild trip. Wormhole Gallery is exhibited atArtsville in Second Life. Artsville is an exciting collaboration between Art Korner and ValiumSL to promote creativity and artistic vision in Second Life.

TELEPORT to Wormhole Gallery

Recently SLEA, Second Life endowment for the arts announced Regi Yifu as the new SLEA coordinator.

With this new appointment, we can expect more great things and art collaboratives from Regi or fewer things; it is a big job, and I am sure he is up for the task.

Regi is also a popular DJ in Second Life.

DJ Yifu · Good Lord! You Need A Breath Mint!

Regi is talented in all worlds.

He recently released a cookbook and has some fantastic food photos on Instagram. You find out more about him and his book on his website here.

Seeing this talented artist’s work and projects is well with your time. They are fantastic and interactive; he also gives away fun toys to play with. Keep an eye out for Regi Yifu and visit his marketplace.

See you around the grid… Hoot

~ owl

You can delight in experiencing the Free Art Museum in Second Life!

Have you heard about the Free Museum in Second Life? It’s awesome!

Haiku Quan has put together a great collection of art from some of the best artists in Second Life. I visited a few days ago and I was blown away. I went home with so many pieces that I need to build another sky tower to display them all.

Do go visit the Museum

The Free Museum is a great place to find a wide variety of art, and it’s all free! You’re encouraged to take as much as you want. So visit soon and enjoy being able to own copies of these talented artists’ work.

Haiku has made select Artwork accessible for everyone. All you have to do is visit and delight in being able to own copies of these talented Artists. The Free Museum is home to a variety of artworks, ranging from paintings to sculptures. I believe that there is something for everyone here, do take the time to explore and appreciate the talent of the artists on display.

“The museum is simply my gift to you, the people of Second Life who make this such a fascinating and provocative world. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I do, and that you’ll want to own more works by artists like these. “

Haiku Quan

Currently, haiku is Featuring art by Alpha Auer, Amanda (aht1981), April (agleo. Runningbear), Awesome Fallen, Banshee Heartsong, blip mumfuzz, Bryn Oh, Caly (Calypso Applewhyte), CARELYNA, Chapichapo Delvalle, Cherry Manga, Cica Ghost, Corwyn Allen (the author of Sakura Memories), David Silence, Dragon (Dragonangelvs), elan (Ineffable Mote), Etamae, Eupalinos Ugajin, Eylinea Seabird, Gem Preiz, Guille (Antoronta), JadeYu Fhang, Kayly Iali, Mareea Farrasco, Melusina Parkin, Milena Carbone (mylena1992), MorliM (Morlita Quan), Nekonuko Nakamori, Nessuno Myoo, Sabine Mortenwold (Sabie), Sheba Blitz, Stephen Venkman (Venk), Thus Yootz, Traci Ultsch,. Xia Chieng,Xirana (Xirana Oximoxi) and Zia Branner.

These talented artists share their art in many ways in second life and you can get a piece free at The Free Museum. Each art piece comes with a folder including the artist’s bio and other gallery locations. Haiku’s idea is to make art free for everyone and to encourage supporting these artists’ works in their other locations too.

The Free Museum in Second Life is a great gift to all those who visit. Home to some of the best artists in Second Life, the museum is a great way to enrich your virtual world with beautiful and inspiring works of art. So take the time to visit the free museum today and enjoy all that it has to offer!

Take a ride to the Free Museum

See you around the grid

Hoot ~ Owl

Currently ay NovaOwl Sky gallery – ( Thank you Inara) Vanessa Jane’s Endymion in Second Life — Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

NovaOwl Sky Gallery: Vanessa Jane – Endymion Open through until September 25th, 2022 at the NovaOwl Sky Gallery is a exhibition of Second Life art by Vanessa Jane (VanessaJane66), which stands a both a celebration of the beauty of Second Life, and also as a reflection of some of the artist’s thoughts on matters within […]

Vanessa Jane’s Endymion in Second Life — Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

ALSUND Live in the Tea Garden!

 This damn fine talented musician has been playing awhile (since the 70’s actually) and is damn good! 

Totally Owl approved! 
Real Music for Real folks … in a virtual world and 100 % Live.

Alsund is performing Live August 3 at 11 am in Second Life @ CTC Tea Garden

Your ride to the Garden!

So glad this talent found his way to Second Life!!
Hope you can join us!

The RealMachoy

I love coming across a musician with depth and talent its one of my favorite things about Second life. The genuine style and feel of Alsund’s music speaks to you in your jellies! The man has talent and is one of those hidden treasures in SL.Listening to his set his lyric writing style, guitar fingering and voice really come together in a wonderful way!

Keep an eye out in Second life come by Wednesday and catch the show.

Your ride to the Garden!

Video by Wildie Jenkins – check out her Youtube

See you at the show!!

Hoot Owl

Cranston Yordstorm Live in Second Life

Cranston Yordstorm is a talented Singer with a passion for performance. He has years of experience as a performer in theater Musicals.

 Cranston Yordstorm is a LIVE singer in Second Life, currently singing the best of America’s songbook in the style of one of his favorite crooners, Frank Sinatra. 

Do you have a taste for classic songs sung in the inimitable style of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra? Looking for a singer with a Jazzy, Swingy, Bluesy sound? If so, then you’ll want to catch the next Cranston Yordstorm performance.

Do come JoIn us for a

Live show by Cranston Yordstorm

July 20 at 11 am

Your limo to the show!

Poster by Owl

Cranston has many bookings in Second Life. you can find his calendar here

 Cranston is an actor in RL, performing at venues from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and across the United States Of America, performing in straight plays as a seasoned musical theatre performer. This experience has made him an exceptional performer in Second life bringing a whole engaging show with his singing.

 Anchored in a Blues and Jazz framework, he will entertain from a wide variety of musical styles and genres from Sinatra and Darin to Elton John, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and Elvis Presley.

Club CTO Destination Guide pic

Cranston also has his own club in SL Located in his Redwood Forest sim.

Club CTO was founded by Cranston Yordstorm and Turner Harbrough for those who enjoy frequenting Club CTO, which features a mix of musical styles, with a particular focus on Jazz, and blues and is to be a haven for SL live performers to hone their craft.

Visit Club CTO here

Cranston also holds the reigns in the Glastonbelli part of Corsica South Coasters. Glastonbelli hosts a myriad of fun things to do.

Glastonbelli Redwood grove. A Giant Pine and Redwood Sequoia forest park. Exploration and photography are encouraged. Find the cabin of The GlastonBelli Witch, and solve a mystery. Bungee Jumping. Home to GlastonBelli Dairy Farm, GlastonBelli Bakery, and Cheddarworx Railway lines and a roller coaster.

Your ride to the Glastonbelli Redwoods.

The Glastonbelli Pyramid stage. This build of The GlastonBelli Pyramid Stage was created in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of The Glastonbury Festival. There is a replica of Stonehenge nearby since hippies would assemble there before making the pilgrimage to Glastonbury.

Your ride to Glastonbelli Pyramid stage

Glastonbelli also has an Artist in residence program where an artist uses a 100 x 100 platform to build whatever they want to for 6 months. Currently, Regi YIfu is using it for his build  Limitations are Self-Imposed  a very colorful and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. 

You can find Cranston on 



You Tube

Hope to see you at the CTC Tea garden Show with Cranston June 20th at 11am!

I will be there Hoot💜

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