Live Music

ALSUND Live in the Tea Garden!

ALSUND -This damn fine talented musician has been playing awhile (since the 70's actually) and is damn good!  Totally Owl approved!  Real Music for Real folks ... in a virtual world and 100 % Live. Alsund is performing Live August 3 at 11 am in Second Life @ CTC Tea Garden

Cranston Yordstorm Live in Second Life

Cranston Yordstorm is a LIVE singer in Second Life, currently singing the best of America's songbook in the style of one of his favorite crooners, Frank Sinatra.

Come see the amazing Art and hear the talented Musicians at Glastonbelli 2022 in Second Life!

Glastonbelli is a virtual music festival in Second Life that features live musicians and artists. Come see and hear the amazing talent this festival has to offer!