Lizzy Swordhain

The multifaceted Lizzy Swordthain

Lizzy joined Second Life in 2009, she is from Germany. She joinedCorsica South Coasters and we love having her. She has become an asset to our community and a go to person for fun! Personally I have been enjoying her photography and watching it evolve over the last year. LS Photography Lizzy Swordthain EventLizzy's DJ …

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2 events happening @ Corsica South Coasters

CorsicaSouth Coasters has Fishing every Monday with Dj Uli Jansma. This Wednesday Live Music with Joe Paravane! 🌟🐟🐠🐡

Hoot parties to look forward to next week.Happy Holiday

Hope you are having a fun holiday weekendand many fat chocolate bunnies find you. Monday April 10 Join us forNovaOwl - N-O Fishing Competition with Dj Uli @ 12 pm Take the boat to the competition and party. NovaOwl By Uli Jansma Wednesday April 12 Corsica South Coasters very are happy to Present Lluis …

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