“Fifty Shades of Pey’ an exhibit by Inara Pey

Fifty Shades of Pey is an exhibit of photography by InaraPey, a Second Life Resident and writer.

Inara’s exhibit features places she has travelled and blogged about.

She is exhibiting at NovaOwl July 3 – August 29th.

Opening party is July 13th at 12 pm with Dj Uli.

Do come join us! Your ride to Inara’s exhibit and the party!

Poster by Inara

This exhibit reflects the places she has traveled and blogged about. As you’ve seen in her writing, Inara sees things in great detail, and you can see the same detail and depth in her photography. Inara’s photos are a perfect example of the beauty and the diversity of the world that is Second Life. 

 If you have been in SecondLife for some time you know her name – Inara Pey. 

Inara has written about the places we visit, the art we see, and the platform we use (second life). More often than not, Inara explains what Linden Lab is doing more clearly than they do. Many things I know or have experienced in SL I would not know or have found without her blog “INARA PEY: LIVING IN A MODEMWORLD” Her posts, blog and voice have defiantly contributed to shaping mine and many other peoples Sl journeys.

WAR - May 2022
War photo by Inara Pey

“This week we are shining a spotlight on Inara Pey. As the writer behind the comprehensive blog Living in a Modemworld, Inara reports on the evolution, current events, and vast potential of Second Life and virtual worlds. Living in a Modemworld is almost as old as SL itself, adding gravitas to the observations found in its lengthy catalog.”

Second Life spotlight

 have been following Modem World, Inara’s blog Since 2009 and as her writing and coverage have evolved I feel as if she has definitely unearthed the diamond that is her voice, blog and the elegance of her photography. Inara’s blog tag line is ‘Second Life, Virtual Worlds, and Virtual Realities”. She writes about regions built by residents, Art, Real life Space news, Linden Lab announcements, technical posts, viewer posts, and so much.

Crystal Garden Estates - May 2017
Crystal Garden estate photo by Inara Pey

 Inara’s photography seems to be an extension of her blogging many of her photos are from regions she has visited and blogged about further enriching her written showcase of our collective evolving Second life.

Do take the time to come see Inara’s Photography and join us for the party!

your ride

~ see you at the party!


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