Take the time to log into Second Life today go See ReyCharles exhibit his artistic depth in 2d and 3d.

Today I decided to go see an exhibit at

Caramel Art Community.

Robert & Martha McFarren Own and curate this unique property currently exhibiting 3 talented artists. Reycharles, CybeleMoon, and Dhyezl Ravenhurst. I am going to focus on Rey Today.

ReyCharles at Cafe Musique

ReyCharles is exhibiting in the gallery showcasing some of his new made work for this exhibit at Caramel. Rey’s 2D works displayed here are lighter in tone and texture then what I have seen previously of his work. The feel is airy and flowing like a breath of fresh air. I believe acrylic pantngs. Rey’s 3d work is wow so steam like very much like his Avatar. 

“I’ve been in sl since 2012. I’ve spent a lot of my time traveling around this world. In the real world I work with digital and 3D graphics. I really like creating and manipulating to experiment with color and effect forms both in 2D and in 3D. This is part of my work in the real world and I thought I’d bring it to SL too, so I’ve just started making exhibitions”

ReyCharles bio

ReyCharles at Caramel Art Community

After reading Rey’s bio I had to go see the rest of his exhibits. He is quite creative and I would love to see his work in rl too.

Sculpture and painting seem to be where he excels and I mean yes excels!

His work is deep with bold colors in a lot of these exhibits each one a bit different and showing off his talent wonderfully. Rey’s design and color are very different to my eye. I really like the deepness and pop he creates it makes me feel like  I am elsewhere even in a virtual word. His sculpture is very reminiscent of work found in fine galleries in SoHo.

Links to Galleries Rey has exhibits at currently:

Caramel Art Community

Rey has his own Gallery also at Caramel

ReyCharles is also part of The Artists community at Campbell Coast.

Rey’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast

Rey at Ziegler Art Gallery

Reychares is also exhibiting at Café Musique

Go, get out of your usual habit and go see ReyChares work

your eyes and bran will be glad you did.

~ Owl

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