Skip Staheli’s Art draws the eye and shares his passion vividly through time and patience with his craft. Have you seen the sensual energy of Skip’s work?

Skip Staheli is a name that every photographer in Second Life has heard of.

Skips Art draws the eye and shares his passion vividly. His Love seems to be Portrait photos, and he really shines bringing out a visual representation of an avatar’s soul or vibe.

Skip~Never give up...
Never give up by Skip Staheli

Skip is from the Netherlands and opened his studio Purple Cows in August of 2008, 12 years ago. He started out doing photos for friends and himself finding out he enjoyed it so much he decided to start his studio. 

“”Your SMILE is your LOGO, your PERSONALITY is your BUSINESSCARD. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK” 

Skip Staheli
Protected and Safe Model: Babygurl Flux By Skip Staheli

Skip shoots on mostly green screen in his studio.  

He then uses Photoshop, Lightroom, Filter forge, his Bamboo Tablet and other toys to “make the avatar look as realist as possible without changing them too much”. Using his tools Skip blends bringing depth, softness and passion out in his work. Each piece sometimes taking him days , he works bringing out beauty and romance for us to see and feel.

Spring Babe – Model: Babygurl Flux Photo By Skip Staheli

“Skip Staheli is a photographer who needs no introduction. His avatar studies are legendary in Second Life – and with good reason. He composes some of the best on the grid, often mixing elements of both digital and physical worlds to produce stunning images.”

Inara Pey – Modemworld

Cover L'Homme August 2020

Skip creates every 2 months the cover for

“Best Male Fashion Magazine on SL ♥”

L’Homme Magazine SL 

Despite being in high demand and having so many awards under his belt, Skip is quite down to earth and modest. 

Skip’s avatar exudes a sexuality that can only come from diving so deep into photos. He has definitely used his photographers’ eye when creating his Avatar and everyone is happy about that. Skips personality is warm, friendly, smart, fun, exciting and well cuddly he does have a big Kitty vibe. 

Skip Staheli
Kitty Love

“Next to my photo’s I sometimes love to landscape and create nice places in SL, visit live music and DJ gigs… And when I have some time left, you can find me exploring beautiful sims, and of course, I can’t help but háve to make photos then as well.” 

Skip Staheli

Recently Skip opened his home to the public he treated himself and booked Busta Brown to design it and wow the home of PhotoStudio Purple Cows is gorgeous!

Suzie Anderton of InWorld Films  made this awesome video of Skip’s home & Studio.

Currently Skip is exhibiting “Body Positivity”

at Hoot Suite Art Gallery through September 27th

Do go see this amazing exhibit! – Your teleport here

Campbell Coast is happy to Welcome Skip as one of our Artists in Residence.

You can visit his new Gallery here. 

Skip Staheli @





See you in world : ) ~Owl

2 thoughts on “Skip Staheli’s Art draws the eye and shares his passion vividly through time and patience with his craft. Have you seen the sensual energy of Skip’s work?

  1. Now who is Blushing! Skip Big Squeeze hugs!! Its been an Honor to have you at Hoot Suite and am so happy you are at Campbell Coast too!! Thank you and please give Vito and Finley lots of love and Kitty Kisses : )💜🦉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PurpleCows Photostudio

    Oh my goodness.. Owl!! Now you managed to make me truly shy.. hahahha, *hides for a little behind Vito’s fur…. Thanks my friend for writing such heartfelt piece about my love “SL photography” and me as a person.. You really touched me, and I found myself reading it back 3 times already, (egotripping pur sang!) and can’t help but feeling truly proud and uber flattered! Thanks for having me this month at your beautiful, so cosy and gooood vibed Gallery Hoot Suite Art Gallery… You, Owl, are one of a kind, and your passion for art, and to put others in a spotlight is really something special.. Huge thanks to you, in name of us, allll SL artists who you helped to put on the map…. Big big squeezy hug for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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