Ode to Snowmen

Ceakay’s exhibit Ode to Snowmen at NovaOwl in the sky gallery is a delight to behold.

Once you land and see the groupings of snowmen and walk inside to be greeted by a huge snowman a warm smile spreads across your face. As you wander through Ceakay’s creative forest of pines and firs you begin to realize the depth of creativity that went into making each one. Speaking of creativity these snowmen wow!

Visiting this exhibit brought my mind back to a simpler time of wonder and with the way our world is anytime you can find that wonder mindset is a blessing!

Ceakay Ballyhoo created these watercolors and pictures inspired by the Snowmen of second life. Her watercolor style has a depth and memory quality to them each literally a work of art.

Join us for a opening party December 14

12 pm with Dj Uli Jansma

Here is your sleigh ride to the exhibit and party < yes click

Ceakay’s journey in Second Life began in 2008

After years of socializing Ck turned her attention to art. Her art exhibiting formally started in 2014 with Raglan Shire art walk. Since then she has created 2d and 3d artwork in sl through many exhibits and collaborations.her watercolor worlds stand out as my favorites.

 In 2016 she got wild and combined her photography skills with 3d art and story telling creating “A Watercolor Wander” at LEA the story is here on Ceakayballyhoo (Ck’s blog) and reviewed by Inara Pey here. This style of art was new and quite a wonderful trip to visit. She followed this sim wide exhibit with ‘The Forest Beyond’ in 2017 The success of the wonderfully child like fantasy builds that I/we all Loved led Ck to do a collaboration build with Cyebel Moon. “- ‘Niamh’s Journey of Dreams’  opened April 2017.

Since then Ck has not sat still she is currently helping build worlds with a RP group Blushock she exhibited a photo show case of some of that work at Hoot Suite in 2021 . Currently Ck has put a lot of time and effort into building up Corsica South Coasters and we are so happy to have her!

Find more about Ceakay Ballyhoo on her blog here.

Check out her Flickr here.

Visit her at CK’s Corner, part of Corsica South Coasters, owned by Ceakay Ballyhoo has a lot of creativity going on!

It is the hub from where all her other places can be visited.

At CK’s Corner there is an Art collection exhibited of SL artists and her own CKB Art Gallery! There are gateways to CK’s art installations. and so much more to explore and see.


NovaOwl is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica, located on Novatron.

It is a meeting place where events take place regularly, art exhibits often, dance parties and DJ sessions a lot.

Come, rezz your boat and go sailing, catch our weekly fishing event on Mondays at 12pm SLT. Or just pop by and explore the water, art and beauty.

Uli Jansma is the Captain of this area – feel free to say hi.

We are looking forward to your visit! 

See you at the Party!

~ owl

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