Joanna Kitten Exhibiting at Cloud Galleries

I want to tell you about Joanna Kitten and her newest virtual photography exhibit in Second Life at Cloud Galleries.

Joanna Kitten: Kitten has been in Second Life since December 27, 2019. She became interested in virtual Photography in 2020 after seeing a photography competition. In Joanna’s photos, she uses the Black Dragon Viewer developed by NiranV Dean and does minimal editing with Affinity Photo. In addition to her Photography, Joanna owns Ammonite Photography and Gallery. She is a reviewer for Focus Magazine’s – Art on Tour. “Art on Tour” is a group of articles in FOCUS Magazine reviewing interesting art galleries in Second Life. Do take the time to visit and support Art in Second Life.

  1. A feel for Joanna Kitten’s work
  2. Joanna Kitten and her Exhibit
  3. Cloud Galleries
  4. Exhibit and Event
  5. Post Script
Tranquil Scene with Bicycles
Tranquil Scene with Bicycles – Taken at Frogmore By Joanna Kitten

A feel for Joanna Kitten’s work

“I am a little different from many photographers. I spend ages composing my pictures in the preview pane and only take one or two actual shots. I find I need to do minimal cropping then to get to the final picture. I sometimes edit using the built-in tools in Flickr and a photo editor, Affinity Photo. Initially, that was to add noise to some pictures to give a grainy effect, but I am starting to experiment with other things, such as motion blur and multiple exposures.
“I think initially my landscapes were very traditional, showing the scene with everything in focus, but lately, I have become more experimental, particularly in my use of depth of field and the editor to blur backgrounds to emphasize the shots I want to take.”

Renderosity Magazine
Walk Through the Gardens
Walk Through the Gardens – Taken at Missing MelodyBY Joanna Kitten

Joanna Kitten and her Exhibit

The exhibit has a tourist or traveler feel to it. Each piece is a landscape or her avatar in the landscape. While easy on the eye, taking a moment to see these works brings to light many details that enhance the pieces. These pieces have a story quality to them echoing your own or envisioning new stories. Kitten takes her time with her shots, using her focus, depth, and lighting to draw the eye. Each piece is a vignette into a day, moment or story. And she does it beautifully.

The piece titled: “Let’s go Walking in the Rain” is a gorgeously composed photo of a seascape. With a woman in a rain jacket and yellow rubber boots, who has her back to us as she walks purposefully in the rain on a beach. The lines of this piece through both land and sky, lead your eye in a natural curve to the stormy water’s edge.

. The purple and dark blue hues of the sand glitter in both the sky and the water. The dark, rainy sky reflects the stormy ocean as the rain pours down. To me, this piece reflects a mood to delve into inner thoughts and feelings portrayed on canvas.  To some this piece may seem sad or melancholy but to me it is rich with adventure , time and the wonders of your own thoughts. While nature in her robust quenching of the earth with rain and the stormy wind awaken your senses.

This piece speaks to me of my childhood days on a New England beach when I desperate to go outside, resisting the confines of the cabin with my family. I escaped to the stormy rain-filled shores as often as I did sun-filled days. It is why to this day, I love the rain. Rain has always been cleansing and wakes up my mind while nourishing my soul.

Lets Go Walking In the Rain
Lets Go Walking In the Rain – Endless: Birdlings Flat, Haraiki Bay By Joanna Kitten

“A quick scroll through Joanna’s FLICKR feed will tell you that her work is not just random snapshots taken here and there. It goes much beyond that. Every image sets a different mood and is beautifully composed so as to be aesthetically pleasing.”

Noir – Taken at Silvery K -“Fog and Shadow swirl together as our heroine roams the dark streets of the city.” By Joanna Kitten

Cloud Galleries

This exhibit at Cloud Galleries is a lovely zen-like area above NovaOwl. This sky Gallery features nine residence artists and a guest gallery. In addition to our guest Joanna Kitten, Cloud Galleries is home to Elan (ineffable.mote), Michiel Bechir, Raisa Reimse, Anna Maria, Suzen Juel, StarZ, KayLy Robert Bang, and me, Owl Dragonash.

Exhibit and Event

Joanna Kitten is exhibiting from January 20 – March 20.

A party will be held February 21 – 1 PM with DJ Suzen Juel.

We hope you will join us anytime.

here is a ride to Joanna Kitten’s exhibit. <– click

Post Script

I believe Joanna Kitten’s Photography is in addition to the photos taken and skills learned, about the photographer and her journey. It is about finding peace. It is about finding herself. It is about finding out who she is and whom she wants to be.

Where the Wild Things Lurk
Where the Wild Things Lurk – Taken at Green Acres By Joanna Kitten

Joanna Kitten’s Flickr

Joanna Kitten in the news:

Inara Pey

Renderosity Magazine

Art Korner SL

Diomita Maurer

Hope to see you at the exhibit and party!

~ Owl

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