Elan (ineffable.mote)

As an artist my creative focuses can vary, inworld I started out with SL photography while working my way to sharing other forms of digital art. I prefer to experiment and not be too concerned with specific end results, from doodling to painting to visual poetry to generative art to composites, etc. My work can be seen at various exhibits inworld here and there as well as a couple of shops called Art Magic, along with the obligatory flickr and facebook.

tangled and unraveling
tangled and unraveling – elan

I don’t know if Elan was in tune with this, but his legacy name ineffable means “incapable of being expressed or described in words” Mote is a “small particle or speck.” His unique art style is hard to describe, as is the artist himself.

Elan’s abstract work often has words or bits of poetry embedded within them, leading to minimal direction and keeping opinions open for the viewer. This leads to varied interpretations and many possibilities.

quotidian – elan

This piece draws my eye and has me contemplating my place or presence in my life and the world. The leaf-like tree parts and the use of green and brown suggest a place the site brings my mind to winter. I do not know what elan was saying with this piece, but I like it a lot and enjoy the way it moves my mind to wander. Quotidian means of or occurring every day; daily.

holding on
holding on – elan

how much do we hunger for more than love, and to continue coming back?


You can find Elan’s work at

Cloud Galleries in Corsica South Coasters,

Art magic @ Blisston village 

Art Magic @ The Point West waterfront