Local fishing contest – Novatron 27. october – 13:00 pdt

We do it again 😉

Get the trophy!

on tuesday the 27.october we start a

local contest on Novatron over 90 minutes.

Prizes will be awarded to

  1. the largest total catch, and
  2. the largest single fish.

There is a trophy for both.

As this is a local contest, you have to fish for Novatron.

Anyone who is registered on the contest board and has a fishing route from NO can participate.
You can get it here:

So first wear the fishing rod, then click on the contest board. If you click again, you will be logged out, so only once. Also, please do not change fishing tackle or leave the location in the meantime, you will be logged out and have to start over again

Start: 13:00 PDT

Duration: 90 min


The Thursday excursion – Sailing 10-22-2020

this time partly circumnavigating Corsica. We start near the Linden Memorial Park in eastern direction until we reach the owl’s nest.

We meet from 11:00 PDT and start at 11:30 pdt. If you do not come with your own boat, please book in advance to secure a place.


Ahoy and have fun

Poster – Kitty Mills

Halloween event and Hunt on October 31 from 13 PDT with DJ Uli

Here is a Tp to the Halloween build.

on saturday, 10-31-2020 from 10:00 PDT is start for the Hunt!

There are 9 pumpkins to be found all over the Halloween location and in the labyrinth. But you have to find the door to the labyrinth first.

By clicking on the pumpkins they will give you a texture with one letter each. The order is disordered. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to catch the pumpkin with the mouse.

You might find more pumpkins, but then you won’t find a letter in it.

You have to make up the correct solution word from the 9 letters and send it via IM to kitten Mills. The first three senders with the correct answer will receive a prize

1st price: 1500 L$
2nd price: 1000 L$
3rd prize: 500 L$

All others will receive a consolation prize.

The winners will be announced in the evening at the party with DJ Uli

Have fun searching and don’t get lost!

The party starts at 13:00 PDT with DJ Uli

Dress code? as well as : HALLOWEEN!

The Halloween location is looking great it was built and decorated by Auri (Aureliabaroque), Vunchen (Avuna), Yara Eilde and Kitty Mills!

DJs are welcome to use the Halloween location for events and parties!

Poster by Katy Mills

Horse show with carousel in Edge Walker on 12 November from 12 PDT

Lidanza Darwin with her elite dressage team and the carousel team will delight us with a show. The show will last about 1 hour and will be held on edge walker. Afterwards we can all ride out together.

Here is your teleport to the Horse show!

Campbell Coast Street Fair

Featuring the many Galleries of Campbell Coast!

September 22nd 

9am – DJ Doc Rast

10 am Live Music By Dimi Ludwig

11 am -DJ FAR 

Come share a few hours with us today Meet and greet our ARTiSTS and wander through the galleries or just dance in the street! Try the Virtual food, dancing and lots of art to see!

Come join the party!

Art Galleries of –

Dįmį Ļųdwįɠ, Reycharles, Michiel Bechir, Jed Luckless, Dhyezl , Inara Pey, John & Tempest Huntsman, Whimsical Aristocrat, Skip Staheli, Gidgy Adagio , Moondance, Larree Quixote, Suzen Juel, Lexus Melodie, Owl Dragonash and our resident Author -GoSpeed Rasere

here is a Teleport to the party!

Join us at Hoot Suite Art Gallery for

Skip Staheli’s exhibit “Body Positivity”

and Live Music at Noon September 2nd By

The Vinnie Show!

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