Jade Koltai’s Panjin in Second Life

I have not found myself with the time or desire to blog a place in a long time, but wow,

Panjin is quite breathtaking!
Panjin, the land tag, simply states, “Red beach in China.”

  1. What is Panjin?
  2. What is Panjin in SecondLife?
  3. Jade Koltai
  4. What visiting Panjin did for me

What is Panjin?

Red Beach is located in Dawa CountyPanjinLiaoning, China. The beach is famous for its landscape featuring the red plant of Suaeda salsa (Chinese: 碱蓬草) of the family Chenopodiaceae. It is based in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world. The landscape is composed of shallow seas and tidelands. The largest reed marsh in Asia is also located here, attracting many tourists. The reeds are used to make paper. The red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) also reproduces here and is the endangered black-mouth gull’s largest breeding area.” 

Snow day
Panjin By Jade Koltai

What is Panjin in SecondLife?

In Second Life, Panjin is a gorgeous region created by Jade Koltai. You definitely need to visit this build; it is mind-intoxicatingly beautiful and speaks to your soul in an awakening way. Maybe that sounds crazy as you read it, but Jade Koltai created a sim that moves the soul. The music stream is a Classical Chinese one which compliments the region wonderfully.

Do yourself the pleasure of going to see here is a ride to Panjin.

Panjin photo by Saelwen

Jade Koltai

Jade Koltai created several beautiful sims in the past; among them are 

Aoi-ike – Flicker group

Hotel Del Salto

Huntington Beach 

These builds are gone, but their images remain on Flickr to find.

Jade has minimal info on her profile and Flickr, but finding her on Facebook led me to this little bit in her about section.

“Chief tambourine player sometimes, friend of the tigers often, and more, wtf thinker.”

Jade’s Facebook
Panjin photo by Olympe Rhode

What visiting Panjin did for me

Visiting Panjin brought my mind to a peaceful place between the calm beauty and music. I have not felt this uncluttered thought in Second Life in quite a while. Like my regular life, I tend to fill my Sl with things to do, and I love what I do, but once in awhile, finding a tranquil space to just be is amazingly nourishing.

Photo by me – owl

A ride to Panjin

Jade Koltai – Flickr

Panjin – Flickr

~ see you around the grid!


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