2 events happening @ Corsica South Coasters

Corsica South Coasters is many people a lot of art, music and nature and fun events to enjoy community!

This is a short overview of two of our upcoming coming events.

We have a lot going on so stay tuned

to Corsica South Coasters !💜

Otter CK Tintin and the Gang fishing
Photo By Lotus Li

Every Monday 12 pm N-O Fishing with DJ Uli Jansma @ NovaOwl

N-O Fishing is Northern Operations Grid Wide Sport Fishing Game! Created by North Crannock.

Over 450 anglers participating weekly, fishing to relax and/or competing in both Grid Wide Tournaments and Regional Competitions!

N-O Fishing Contest @ NovaOwl - Winner: NORTH!!!!!
Photo By Uli Jansma

This international fishing group has a lot of fun!

The Competition @ NovaOwl has Uli Jansma DJing for us and narrating the event it is always a fun time!

Photo by me – Owl

April 26 Wednesday @ 11 am Live Music By Joe Paravane @ The Tea Garden

San Francisco bay area singer songwriter Joe Rizzo. aka ‘ Joe Paravane’ sings & performs acoustic finger-picking guitar mixing folk, rock, delta & ragtime styles. 

Joe performs classic songs from early american roots folk up to modern rock along with his own unique blend of original music.

All acoustic, no backing tracks, all live. 

Joe uses a Gibson J200 acoustic guitar with top of the line Neumann vocal microphone through warm tube preamps with professional studio sound quality and mix.

Find Joe on his website and stay up to date on where and when you can go listen to him perform.

This is a Link to Joe Performing Live on Facebook.


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