Hoot parties to look forward to next week.Happy Holiday

Hope you are having a fun holiday weekend
and many fat chocolate bunnies find you.

Monday April 10

Join us for
NovaOwl – N-O Fishing Competition

with Dj Uli @ 12 pm

Take the boat to the competition and party.

N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl
NovaOwl By Uli Jansma

Wednesday April 12

Corsica South Coasters very are happy to Present Lluis Indigo performing LIVE
11 am

“This Spanish musician is talented…. whether he’s chilled or groovin” or “intense and focused”.
Lluis brings an artistry to his music that remains in your head long after his set is finished.

Come join us for a wild time!

Click forYour Chariot to the show

12 pm Michiel Bechir Art opening

with Dj MsToya @
Maison de la Chouette Winery

I have started my long virtual journey into Second Life as a photographer in 2009.

First my main motivation was to share the richness of creations of all those different sims, with all their aspects. During my trips I did meet a lot of people from all over the world. They learned me a lot of their backgrounds, passions and interests.

Michiel Becher Bio
This Wednesday 12.00 pm: Opening Party Michiel @ Maison de La Chouette
Michiel bechir photo and poster

Maison de la Chouette Winery
Wine, Art and Relaxation.

Maison de la Chouette is the newest addition to NovaOwl in Corsica South Coasters.

We use local grapes in our fine wines, traditionally smashed by foot. Yes you can squish some too.

The tasting rooms feature a Local Corsica South Coasters Artist in residence rotating every 2 months.

The property shares beautiful views and is accessible by road or boat thanks to our neighbor Corsica South Coasters.

Do come relax,

try our wines and enjoy the space.

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