The multifaceted Lizzy Swordthain

Lizzy joined Second Life in 2009, she is from Germany.

She joinedCorsica South Coasters and we love having her.

She has become an asset to our community and a go to person for fun!

Personally I have been enjoying her photography and watching it evolve over the last year.

  1. LS Photography
  2. Lizzy Swordthain Event
  3. Lizzy’s DJ Skills
  4. Live Music by Anderson Parks
  5. =Little Whiskeria=
  6. “ordinary thoughts?’ Exhibit
Photo by Uli Jansma

LS Photography

Ls Photography came into being in 2023 when Lizzy got more serious with her photography.

“Portrait, avatar and landscape photography 

I do portrait, avatar and landscape photography – also on client assignment (couple and erotic shoots also possible).  

I mainly use Inworld locations or backdrops, Inworld (light) settings and only little post-processing.

Group photos (up to 14 people) also possible on request. 

If you are interested send me an IM! 🙂

Ls photography

You can see her photgraphy journey through her Flickr or Facebook.

Lizzy Swordthain Event

@ Cloud Galleries featuring her Photography and Dj skills!

Join me on May 2 Tuesday 11 am to celebrate Lizzy’s photography and Dj skills.

Take a magic carpet ride to the event

Lizzy shares her landscapes and travel photos from around the grid.

a long way to go
Photo by Lizzy

Lizzy’s DJ Skills

Lizzy gets the crowd moving with her Dance, House, Alternative, Indie, and Rock Music.

You can catch Lizzy Djing:

*Every Tuesday / jeden Dienstag 11am SLT 

@ Club Nightlife 

* 02 May 12pm SLT 

@ Cloud Galleries 

*05 may 11:30am SLT 

@ =little Whiskeria=


If you are searching someone flexible for your event? 

Find Lizzy Swordthain in world.

Her in world Dj Group  – Djane Lizzy –

Party :P

Live Music by Anderson Parks

@ =Little Whiskeria=

May 5 Friday

11:30 am Dj Lizzy – 12 pm

12 pm – 1pm Anderson Parks Live Music

Your Horse ride to the concert

Anderson Parkes is a talented musician, 30 years of experience performing in Rio de Janeiro.

With his voice and his guitar he will project the fun he has on stage onto the audience.

Singing songs from the 60’s to the 2000s: From the Beatles to Metallica, from Suzane Vega to Aerosmith.

From Anderson Parkes Sound cloud

=Little Whiskeria=

A lovely hang out and cat adoption spot in Corsica South Coasters.

Lizzy shares live music events featuring different SL musicians and her Dj skills every first Friday of the month, you can see her schedule on our events calendar.

♥ Easter Party ♥
Easter @ =little whiskeria= photo by Lizzy

“Love to hangout, chill, have some good Whiskey and other drinks with friends or alone? 

Do you enjoy the company of cuddly Cats?”

ordinary thoughts?‘ Exhibit

May 15 – 21 @ Ck’s Guest gallery

Party Wednesday May 17 – 12 pm – 2pm

Take a walk on the wild side to the exhibit and party. Your teleport.

The exhibit ‘ordinary thoughts…?”

Why “Ordinary Thoughts…?”?

Well, my first title was: “Ordinary thoughts of an ordinary girl” – I shared it with some friends and almost all of them came back like: “Oh, darling. You are everything else, but not ordinary!”

I don’t see myself as special. I am just the “girl next door”. shrugs
But I love my friends who believe I am! hugs ♥
So I tried another title for a while: “(un)ordinary thoughts of an (un)ordinary girl”. But that didn’t fit for me as well.

At the end it’s just and simple: “Ordinary thoughts…?”
So – decide by yourself! Ordinary? Or not? 😛 😉

My pictures do not follow a certain concept.
In Second Life I photograph, what inspires me, what touches my heart and I try to let my feelings, moods and my soul flow into the picture.
For this exhibit I chose some special ones, which may transfer my thoughts and feelings in that moment best.

from Ordinary thoughts exhibit notecard

As you can tell from this brief review of these upcoming events Lizzy Swordthain is a multifaceted woman with a sense of humor and great style.

hey there...!
photo by Lizzy

Yes, there is a lot more to Lizzy but you will have to ask her . 💜

Selen's, Louvre's & Eupalinos' Opening
Photo By Lizzy

I included this last shot because I love it! It depicts Lizzy’s humor and sense of fun!

Hope to see you at the events!


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