Artwork that makes the perfect gift for anyone! Melina Sue is an artistic inspiration who shares her amazing portraiture and more with us.

Melina Sue

Melina Sue is a multi-discipline, mixed media artist, treasure hunter and soulsearcher (SL and RL). No matter  the medium… her Art has always been a manifestation of her personal journey. My heart says infinitely more then these words can communicate.  ♥

Melina Sue

I was introduced to Melina’s art when she picked up a gallery in CorsicaSouthCoasters at CK’s Corner in the Garden Roof Galleries. The soothing palette drew my eyes the lovely depth had me look more. Melina seems to foray into a wide range of mediums and styles all seem to carry a depth of spirit. Iam enjoying seeing more of her work in Second life. Between Melina’s portraiture, mixed media and photography you are sure to find her work speaking to you too. Melina has an uplifting gift and shares it well!

Melina Sue’s Work at Garden Roof Galleries

I asked Melina a few questions I’ll share here :

How did your Artistic Journey in Second Life begin? 

Melina’s response: ” I started in SL 2009  and in 2010 I started to work as a photographer and musician in SL  Few years later.

I`ve had a longer break in SL  (6 years) and came back in 2021  and started again as a digital artist and painter with some  new ideas. I  draw portraits  of avatars  and show my rl paintings 🙂 ” 

Jungernfahrt - Maiden Voyage
Jungernfahrt – Maiden Voyage by Melina Sue

Where is your favorite place in Second Life to go to help get your creativity “moving”?

Melina’s response: “At the moment I enjoy  my own little land at most …and I love  to  take one of my Teegle horses and look around nice and quit sims like “ROCKMEAD”  or I take my little sailing boat and sail along the sea… all these things brings my creativity moving.” 

Home by Melina Sue

Is there an artistic medium you can not do with out and what is it also why?

Melina response: “I can not build artful sculptures because  for the most I have work  with Blender…. and that is not mine 🙂  Nobody can do all … :)))”

Handmade Painting  of my Avatar
handmade painting of my Avatar by Melina Sue

What would a dream project be for you artistically?

Melina response: “Oh I have lots of  ideas for project. I would love to do a big show here in sl with different art  and artists…. something you can call:  Dream Circus …  btw this is a long  RL dream too …but its easier  to do in sl because of the money for such a big project 🙂  People who would come to my “Dream Circus”  would get a little “magical”  stone or something like that :… so they will remember at this special day and it makes them smile …. this project shall make the people smile 🙂 Hope I can realize it one day in sl …. ” 

(I actually have a few ideas for how you can get that started Mel)

One Soul
One Soul by Melina

How do you feel  about art and its influence on society?

Melina response: “Art makes a lot for people ( sl and rl )  … it can give them memories and feelings. “

Freedom by Melina Sue

What a lovely look into an artists thought thank you for sharing Melina!

You can find more info and work by Melina Sue:

on her website Melina Sue Digital Artists & Photographer

In world Melina’s Gallery @ Garden Roof Gallery

On Flickr

Do take the time to come visit Melina’s gallery in Second Life!

~ Owl

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