4 events at Corsica South Coasters in the next 4 days. We would love to meet you, and share Art, Music, Fishing and Community!

The beginning of June at Corsica South Coasters brings us our usual events and some new ones.

Exhibiting Melina Sue’s virtual photography and her real life paintings as well as her sketches at NovaOwl Sky Gallery.

This is Melina’s first exhibit in Second Life we are really happy to share her talent with you.

This exhibit runs June 1 – July 31.

Do join us for the Opening party in the new NovaOwl Sky Gallery at 12pm June 5 Sunday.

The party will be a meet & greet with Mel  and have the danceable music by DJ Uli jansma.

Here is your limo  (click)

Melina Sue poster by Uli

The Glastonbelli Art Installation featuring Regi Yifu.

 Limitations are Self-Imposed  is a very colorful and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. 

This has been blogged by Inara per on Modem World and

By Frank Atisso on Art Korner

Take a psychedelic trip and visit Regi’s work here.

Limitations are Self – Imposed by Regi Yifu

Fishing with Dj Uli Monday

June 6 at 12pm.

This event is weekly and uses the (N-O) fishing system by North Crannock

You can see on the N-O fishing website

Prizes awarded for biggest catch and whopper.

Take this ferry to the event.

N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl
N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl By Uli Jansma

Town Meeting  open to the Corsica South Coaster community and friends.

This is held at NovaOwl June 7 at 12pm Tuesday.

The idea is to talk and share ideas and catch up with folks.

Come listen, share or just meet folks.

Your ride to the meeting.

I will share more soon this brings us up to Tuesday June 7, like I may have mentioned Corsica south coasters has a lot going on. you can always check our Events calendar here.

if you are interested in blogging and would like to do some guest spots here I would love to have you.

Either catch me in world to talk or send me a email OwlDragonash@gmail.com.

~Hoot Owl

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