CK’s Corner

CK Gardening in her corner of Campbell Coast
CK Gardening in her corner of Campbell Coast

CK’s Corner, part of Corsica South Coasters, owned by Ceakay Ballyhoo has a lot of creativity going on!

It is the hub from where all her other places can be visited.

At CK’s Corner there is an Art collection exhibited of SL artists and her own CKB Art Gallery!

There are gateways to CK’s art installations.

Garden Roof Galleries (rentals for other artists) are here too.

It has a few houses to rent and a lovely forest garden for you to see and roam around in, hang out at.

There is also a Butterfly Conservatory.

Ck’s Lighthouse on Novatron with her collection of lighthouse art!

 CK’s (tropical) Isle on the other side of the Corsica Waterway which features her Seafood Restaurant

Start your visit to Ck’s corner here yes, click for tp.

From Ck’s build “Watercolor wander”

The CSC Art Trail (from the Corsica Tourist Centre on Laserlight to the Emyniad Harbor also passes through CK’s Corner.

The CTC Tea Garden is a great place to hang out, have a cuppa, enjoy the view and listen to live music .

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Find more about Ceakay Ballyhoo on her blog here.

Check out her Flickr here.