Owl’s at Eulennest by CK

Party 12pm Sunday 9 January with Dj Uli

do come by and join us!

Your ride to Eulennest

“Inspired by the offer of doing an exposition at Eulennest (Owls Nest in German), the theme of Owls was not a large jump to make. I’ve had a few owl pictures, taken at sims in the past, in my inventory for a long time and also objects of owls made by several people in SL. Also, my first try of making animated pictures is that of an owl flying past the moon.

I love owls. I love how they are inspirational to so many people and have significance in many different cultures. How they are creatures of wisdom, vigilance, fortune and also death.

The owls you see in the pictures here were either found on the sims or I brought them with me to beautiful sims where I thought they would fit perfectly.

The group of owls with the goat are a big wink to Kitty and Uli as they are the owls (and variations of them) people receive when tipping the venue!

I hope you enjoy this exposition as much as I did putting it together.”

CK Ballyhoo

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