Ode to Snowmen

Ceakay Ballyhoo created these watercolors and pictures inspired by the Snowmen of second life. Her watercolor style has a depth and memory quality to them each literally a work of art.

Cloud Galleries

Cloud galleries Grand opening

High in the sky above beautiful Novatron in Corsica South Coasters , sits a tranquil space with 9 Boutique Galleries. Opening party November 30 at 12pm Dj Uli Jansma will set the tone with his Dj skills.

You can delight in experiencing the Free Art Museum in Second Life!

Have you heard about the Free Museum in Second Life? It's awesome! Haiku Quan has put together a great collection of art from some of the best artists in Second Life.

Theda Tammas opens our minds again with their newest installation tabula rasa. Bring your eyes and brain and immerse yourself.

tabula rasa Art Installation by Theda Tammas at Corsica South Coasters.