Changes and fun ones!

CTC photo by Kitty Mills

Corsica South Coasters is a mainland community that shares a love of creativity, art, music, leisure and  beautiful surroundings connecting land and people. It is accessible for anyone to enjoy, with access to the Linden Road and the Waterways, all the way to Blake Sea and beyond. Travelers can arrive or continue their journey by land, sea or air (seaplane/helicopter only) thanks to the direct connection to Circuit La Corse, the nearby docks at Emyniad Harbor, Novatron Port and Port Edge Walker. 

First Meeting photo by Kitty Mills

I am so happy to be working with people who share this vision and want to live and play in a beautiful landscape. Sad to see Campbell Coast go but we tried so hard to keep it going and well sometimes things change and you let go of what no longer serves you and keep what does.

Corsica South Coasters are located in parts of the Old Campbell Coast. Well worth your time to explore. Please careful of the construction areas, we have lots of ideas and are building them. keep an eye on our Facebook page for events and announcements or join our group, Corsica South Coasters in second life.

Hope to see you at Corsica South Coasters events and land!



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