Ceakay Ballyhoo will open new worlds for you with her newest exhibit BluShock Space Adventures.

CK – Ceakay Ballyhoo is exhibiting

“BluShock Space Adventures”

at Hoot Suite Art Gallery May 24 th – June 19th

Teleport to Hoot Suite. Art Gallery

This exhibit shows an overview of the places The BluShock Coalition have gone and the planets they have created. They currently live on a huge Asteroid that has a way to fold space and makes them able to visit anywhere in (any) universe. As a Part of the Blushock Coaition with Fazzy Constantine and his SL son Noah and a number of old and new crew members she’s spent time in space, creating worlds and having adventures between the stars and on away missions on planets.

Inara Pey Blogged this Event here

You can visit Blushock Coalition welcome center here

BluShock is a Mass Effect inspired Roleplaying group and world, in the digital and virtual world, of Second Life. To earn more visit their website or their group in Sl. Blushock coalition also has a Flickr group with many photos of the worlds thy have built.

Blushock Squad photo takn from their website

Ceakay’s exhibit shows much of the space adventures of Blushock all in her creative style. True to Ck’s style this exhibit is inspiring and engaging with a warmth felt by the viewer. The warmth of a draw .. like seducing you to find out more. Ck has been in Second Life since 2007. I noticed her playing with textures in her photos back in 2013.

Copper Girl (tagged)
CK’s photo 2013

Ck is an Artist I always want to see what she is doing her work is so inspiring and fun! It has been interesting to see Ceakay’s artistic growth over the years. Her Photography formally exhibited in 2014 at Raglanshire Art Walk, Transylvania Sim and Commune Utopia. In 2015 Ck opend her own CKB Art Gallery  and a beautiful sim Mistwood Isle. 2015 through 2016 saw her exhibiting at many shows including The Living Room,The Windlight Gallery, Burning. Sim and Art at the Park, Holly Kai. In 2016 she got wild and combined her photography skills with 3d art and story telling creating “A Watercolor Wander” at LEA the story is here on Ceakayballyhoo (Ck’s blog) and reviewed by Inara Pey here. This style of art was new and quite a wonderful trip to visit. She followed this sim wide exhibit with ‘The Forest Beyond’ in 2017 The success of the wonderfully child like fantasy builds that I/we all Loved led Ck to do a collaboration build with Cyebel Moon. “- ‘Niamh’s Journey of Dreams’  opened April 2017.

I found this video on you tube and posting it so you can see how creative this all is!

Ck Loved collaborating and her next build was with Silas Merlin “‘The Haze” you can see photos and read abut it here on a Million Happy endings. Ceakay finished 2018 with her watery build “Seacree Reef”. This build may have been the inspiration for her current “Ck’s Smugglers cove” an amazing. addition to Campbell Coast. Ck has a beautiful a smaller plot, CK’s Corner. It is open to the public to explore. A gallery, odes to art installations and roleplay sims  are all accessed from there. (use the signpost to move around).  Here is a teleport to Ck’s Corner. From hr you can tp to here small installations and her Gallery at Campbell Coast’s Artists Village.

You can see what Ck is working on next on her blog Ceakay Ballyhoo.

You can buy her art in world or on her Marketplace store

Ck’s Flickr.

So yes go see Ck’s current exhibit “BluShock Space Adventures”

Teleport to Hoot Suite. Art Gallery

Yes go see Ck’s Corner.

see you at an exhibit

Hoot ~Owl

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