Hyperborea Art Gallery The perfect setting to show you the beauty of melancholic lyricism. Bring your eyes and feel this!

High on a snow covered mountain sits Hyperborea Art Gallery, Dani  fenrizwolf is the owner and artist. 

The air and sky are thick with mist and the land below is all covered in snow

Hyperborea Gallery

Could this be the southern border of Hyperborea.

Guarded by the bitterly cold peaks of the impassable mountains. Where the North Wind lives, whose chill breath brought winter to the lands below. Its peaks inhabited by gold-guarding Griffins.Beneath the snow covered southern slopes lay a desolate land cursed with eternal winter.

 You can see the light from a lantern on the Gallery porch, a cozy Log Cabin. You walk towards it stumbling across and into the door making a snowy mess on the floor. Thankfully you see the hearth and warm your hands by the fire. Thankful for this sliver of warmth in this desolate snow covered realm. 

Warmed now you begin to look around.Your eyes rest on an oil painting and another, you find yourself enthralled with the depth of feeling in them

First You see 2 faces Self portraits done in oil one titled “Panic attack” and one titled “Anxiety” both fiercely expressing their strong emotions through Dani’s brush strokes.

Inside the cabin

Next, I was struck by the beauty of “Kotisaari” and after finding Dani’s Flickr I realized it is her beautiful Island and the painting is not for sale.

The rest well I am not going to describe since I think you should go visit this very different heart touching Gallery space. 

My gallery is finally open for winter :)

“Nordic art gallery, oil paintings inspired in the nordic way of life.Poetically expressing the melancholic lyricism of existence..

The worship of nature, the struggles of everyday life.”

Gallery Description

Dani is defiantly a talent worth following!

Do visit Hyperborea Gallery! _ teleport click here.

Do follow Dani’s Flickr

Do follow Dani’s youTube channel.

Here is a photo of Dani’s from her Flickr

The Swan of Tuonela..
Untitled by Dani

Dani “Lives on her island when not adventuring in the sea…” and makes beautiful youTube Machinima of sailing. click the video to go to her you tube channel.

an aside-

You can find many legends and info about Hyperborea be it myth or reality. Here is a Ancient north pole map of mythical lands including the central continent of Hyperborea. map depicted in 1564-1570 ish by Abraham Ortelius .

Hoot ~ Owl

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