Do you want to feel the Summer Sun and hear some Live Music while engaging your mind’s eye? Join us Monday, July 27th.

Mareea Farrasco

“Painting Summer”

Exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery

July 26 – August 23rd

You are invited to the Opening Party 

Monday July 27th Noon – 1pm

The Vinnie show! will share his LIVE Music with us!

Here is a teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.

Mareea Farrasco Art Party poster

Mareea has a love for pastels.

Her “Painting Summer” exhibit shows this love in a warm evocative sunny way. Each piece seems to bring to mind memories of summer past, a faded glimpse into a past. You can feel the sun on your face.

Do yourself the favor of coming to see this exhibit.

The pictures I create are small steps in the indefinite journey to myself. Join me and, who knows, you might find yourself

Mareea Farrasco

Mareea Farrasco has been in Second Life since 2009. 

She has shared many exhibits in Second Life, including one at the Living Room in 2016 written about here. In Inara Pey’s Modem World.

If you take the time to look back to the first page of her Flickr you can see the evolution of her photos to the refined dreamy style she shares now.

Mareea Farrasco on Flickr

Peeking in…

Mareea Owns IMAGO Art Gallry in Second life.

IMAGO is an ART & Culture area, displaying highly talented Artists and organizing fashion events. See IMAGO Art Gallery here.

Hope to see you at the opening Art Party!

The Vinnie Show is a delight. 

 was the Musician who Played Mareea’s art opening at the Living room in 2016 too. I think that is so great because Daallee and I had a lot of fun doing that then!

You can find the Vinnie Show on line at his website here.

Wow! It is really great to work all day , deep in the code Mines, and then get a taste of things that really make it all worthwhile. Thank you Vinnie

Simon Linden

Yeah this is an Art Opening  Party not to miss!

See you there 


Ps. If you take any photos please post them in Hoot Suite Art Gallery on Flickr.

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