Come see an Artistic jewel in the Blake Sea

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration or PAC for short, encourages Artists through the group, exhibits and gallery space to share their creativity.

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration has galleries at Holly kai and Cherished melody.

You can see who is exhibiting where on the PAC website

 “The Phoenix Artists Collaboration is a community of artists and patrons working together to promote and encourage artistic expression and creativity through and in second life” 

From the PAC website
Holly Kai Park photo by owl Dragonash

The Jewel of which I speak is Holly Kai park!

Holly Kai Park is an amazing place located in the Blake sea

and home to Arts since 2008.

Literally this island glimmers in the sea

surrounded by sailable waters and home to a lot of ART!

Currently Holly Kai is home to Seanchai Library, Caitinara Bar, Holly Kai Art Gallery, and The Phoenix Artists Collaboration (Pac).

Seanchai Library is the longest running group of Storytellers in Second life. 

 (pr. Shawn-a-kee) – A traditional Irish storyteller/historian.

Go look at their calender to see what is going on.

Caitinara Bar is the music and events area for Holly Kai Park.

(Grins .. I see what you did there)

To see what is happening join the Holly Kai Park & or Phoenix Artist Collaboration group.

Holly Kai Art Gallery is by invitation for exhibits. The space is large and can hold more than one Artists exhibits at a time. This Building is huge and inspiered by the LA Griffith Observatory. Both the LA and the Holly Kai Building are quite beautiful to see.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration offers 32 galleries here at Holly Kai.

The Pac Galleries at Holly Kai are 

East Galleries

North Galleries

Gallery Village

I just received a gallery location at Holly Kai through the 

Phoenix Art Collaboration group. I am so excited!

My initial exhibit includes a sailing theme and is open now.

I am in the North Galleries area. 

This gorgeous island in the sea devoted to Art is well worth your visit!

I hope to wander and explore many of the Artists works here. 

What I have seen so far is impressive.

 Smiles I had to share my excitement with you. Do come visit!

here is the tp to my Gallery.

~ Owl

Mistero HIfeng @ Holly Kai photo by owl

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