Log in to Second Life and see Mareea Farrasco’s artistic expression in a virtual world.

Mareea Farrasco belongs on your favorite Second Life Artist list!

Mareea curates and Owns IMAGO Art Gallery in second life as well as being a photographer artist. Currently she has 4 exhibits happening.

Painting the Silence...
Painting the Silence…by Mareea Farrasco

 “Painting Summer” at Hoot Suite Art Gallery

A gorgeous relaxing view of summer which can be viewed through August 23rd 2020.

Here s your Teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery

“Claustrophobia” at Nitroglobus by Mareea Farrasco

“CLAUSTROPHOBIA” at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery curated by Dido Haas always has incredible exhibits. This Gallery belongs on you’re must see list.

“A form of anxiety, disorder; claustrophobia is defined as an irrational fear of small, confined spaces. The feeling of being trapped, with no way to escape, can lead to panic attacks. Approximately 10% of the population is affected by this mental disorder. Why I have chosen claustrophobia as theme for this exhibition? Because we live, these days, in a confined, pandemic universe of our own, and we are all more or less “claustrophobic”, even without suffering from this disorder in our normal, healthy lives. This exhibition is my metaphoric way to express those feelings, trying to rationalize them, in order to make them endurable.” 

Mareea’ Farrasco’s description of the exhibit from Dido’s notecard at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery..

This exhibit defiantly hits home during these pandemic times, each piece draws your eye and mind in, You can feel the energy.

Here s a in-depth review on Modem World by Inara Pey.

A video by Oema of Virtuality Blog.

Video of Mareea Farrasco’s work at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery by Oema.

Go visit “Claustrophobia” by Mareea today here is your tp to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

The next 2 exhibits are at IMAGO Art Gallery featuring 2d and 3d works by Mareea.

This is where Mareea’s personal Gallery lives. The gallery houses a rich seres of Mareea’s work through current and past exhibits.

Mareea’s personal gallery at IMAGO

Here is a teleport to Mareea Farrasco’s personal Gallery

Mareea also just finished building IMAGO Playground which features A Current installation – “Rusted Glory” – by Mareea Farrasco.

“Rusted Glory” is a 2d and 3d installation of a forgotten area that evokes the feeling in me of time eroding away.

Here is a tp to “Rusted Glory”by Mareea Farrasco at IMAGO playground.

IMAGO Art Gallery s a wonderful place to spend hours.

In addition to Mareea’s 2 exhibits Imago currently features an exhibit

by Samanda Eddingham at IMAGO ART GALLERY.

and features an installation

by ILYRA CHARDIN “Just Another Homestead”

Attached to IMAGO Art Galleries,  IMAGO Land is an open area for visitors and photographers. So go check it all out.


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