Hoot Suite Art Gallery is featuring an exhibit by Suzen Juel – June 22nd – July 19th

Checks & Dragonfys By Suzen Juel

I love this Woman’s talented Art & Music!

Suzen’s Art is bold bright and expressive, 
from wildness, to quirkiness, to intense. 
Always a pleasure to view! 
She travels through life with multi-hued fingers as her 
Art leads the way for her understanding of the world. 
Her art not only includes canvas and photography but Music too.
Suzen Juel was one of the first female musicians in Second life 
and the first to go down the road of Blues. 

Fairy By Suzen Juel

DO check out her Music events around the grid and Stop by Hoot Suit Art Gallery in Bellisseria.
Your TP to Hoot Suite Art Gallery!
Make sure you Pick up her bio and links at Hoot Suite 
and check her website for her Art & Live Music events!
Suzen Juel on the web
Suzen on Flickr
Suzen on Instagram

See you around the grid 

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