Anja Neobookie’s Unusual Exhibition Opens The Way For Conversation

Anja Neobookie is exhibiting “Take a Chair and It Talks” at NovaOwl in Second Life.

The opening party is on March 15, Wednesday at 1pm 

With Dj Uli Jansma

You are invited. Please take the ride.

  1. Anja Neobookie is exhibiting “Take a Chair and It Talks” at NovaOwl in Second Life.
  2. Anja Neobookie
  3. You can find Anja on:
  4. Take a Chair, and It Talks
  5. My thoughts on the exhibit
  6. NovaOwl

Anja Neobookie

Anja entered Second Life in February of 2013and jumped into photography rather quickly. I found her exhibit Anja’s Surrealism in 2021 at Nitroglobus Gallery curated by Dido Haas.

“My art is an attempt to create the story of myself as I walk Second Life and experience the world and dreams the surround us all. My thoughts turned into reflections of what I feel in both Worlds!”


To find works in progress, old work, new work check out her personal gallery, No_ Walls art. Anja uses this space as both gallery and studio work space you may find her here creating new works.

Hee... Just loooking!
Hee… Just loooking! (Anja) By Anja

Press about some of Anja’s previous exhibits:

La Maison d’Aneli Jan/Feb 2021 _ Diomita Maurer


 Anja’s Surrealism by Anja Neobookie -June 2021 by Diomita Maurer


You can find Anja on:



Honorary hedge
Honorary hedge @Cammino e Vivio Digital Art -Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, by Anja Neobookie

Take a Chair, and It Talks

“Hello and welcome into my world of Second Life art. I’m a Dutchie who likes to create, discover and explore the creativity Inworld. I discovered the magic of making photographs and invite you, by my art, to join me on my trip.”

ANJA Neobookie

My thoughts on the exhibit

One of the most essential things a salon stylist does is create rapport during a consultation. They talk about their families, pets, and interests; they also listen to your issues and stories.

 Talking about these things makes the stylist’s clients feel comfortable and the stylist more at ease, it is a natural part of the salon experience. 

With “Take a Chair, and It Talks,” Anja has chosen a salon stylist’s chair for her exhibition. She has done a creative job depicting a series of photos to bring out conversation or things you might talk about at a hair salon. 

Initiating small talk is easy, but leading a conversation of substance for the hour or more it takes to do your hair is a skill. People come into a salon to look great, but they also come to relax and often for therapy chat,

Our hairstylist tends to know more about you than friends and family do. The chair and the stylist’s communication talents reveal your stories, significant life events, and questions.

The above are my thoughts on the exhibit. It is possible that Anja had a different idea in mind.

Please come by and experience “Take a Chair and It Talks” Anja has created a thought-provoking conversation with her exhibition.


NovaOwl is part of the Corsica South Coasters community Captained by Uli Jansma and Curated by Owl Dragonash.

To stay up to date with what is happening at NovaOwl:

Visit the events page

Visit the website

Visit the Facebook group

~ Hoot see you at the party and exhibit!


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