Campbell Coast

A new way to enjoy Second Life.  
A rural Scottish coastal themed setting with access to Protected Roadway and Protected Coastal Waterway.  
Open sailing water all the way to the Blake Sea.

Above Quote from the Campbell Coast Website
Campbell Coast photo by Owl Dragonash

Campbell Coast is a wonderful collection of People located in this beautiful Scottish Village in Second Life.

Bjoy & Doc Rast are the two exceptionally talented people who created the lovely village and homes that dot the coastline. This village has multiple Art Galleries, stages, many photogenic spots and sailing all the way to the Blake Sea.

“The idea I dreamed up to beautify and improve abandoned land all over Mainland using Campbell Coast as an example project. Campbell Coast’s aim is to be a haven for Art, Music, Community, fun and promote Mainland for its unique distinction as being connected to Regions among ALL other virtual reality environments.  Campbell Coast welcomes everyone to visit and if residents wish, they can donate tier to actually own a bit of it …or rent …or just visit.  ”

Our wonderful Bjoy!

Visit Campbell Coast here is a teleport

Do you want to live in a beautiful Scottish coastal village or near one? 

It barely rains on Campbell Coast – so it’s better than RL!

Amenities include but are not limited to : Teegle horse rezzers dotted about for exploring and getting to the water and road, there is also a rez zone for boats. Come and explore the many delightful surprises, airstrip, horse trails, the henge, vehicle rezzer near the road, hang gliding, cable car ride, hidden coves and beaches, woodland picnic spots, the art galleries and more. Spanning over Nine regions there’s a lot to explore !

Click here to see what rentals are open.

Click here to learn more about Campbell Coast and the lovely Circuit La Corse. 

Lochness monster
Nessi – Sculpture by Cica Ghost

Campbell Coast is on the mainland, a rural Scottish themed development that spans parts of some 15 regions, and was over a year in the making, building, and preparation. Now it is ready to be enjoyed !

Every single parcel has access to LL sailable water and LL driveable road Circuit La Corse. Access to over 600 Regions of navigable water, sail all the way to Blake Sea if desired ! Campbell Coast rental Office

Campbell Coast photos By Doc Rast

The Beautiful regions of Campbell Coast is brought to us by Winning Witte, Bjoy – Amazing Woman, Doc Rast – Builder, DJ listen here, Kitty Mills – Builder, Flickr

As things grow and time goes on the info here may change,

This is a fluid and evolving Community..

Do come visit us!

Again here is a tp to Campbell Coast.

the big hug - friends @ campbell coast
the big hug – friends @ campbell coast By Kitty Mills

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