๐Ÿ’œ Hippiestock January 15 2023 ๐ŸŒˆ

Hippiestock 12 – ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒˆ

Wow James Culpepper (Hippie Bowman) has been creating this event since 2011.

It is always totally Psychedelic and full of a lot of fun.
The Live Music is top Notch and all day long!
Don’t miss this far out and groovy event

Tune In Turn On Take the Ride!

Hippiestock is sponsored by Corsica South Coasters and Commune Utopia!

Come before Sunday to explore and join us on Sunday for the best concert of 2023!

We rented a sim for this event.

The beautiful sim can be enjoyed until January 18.

Don’t miss it!

Hippie Bowman, Our GRAND HIPPIE

will open the event at 9 am with his bands help.

Hard at work for Hippiestock reboot in January. Here is Angel Dream by Tom Petty interpreted by me James Culpepper and Marty.

HIppie B

Click the link to listen. Angels Dream – Best on big speakers!

Dimi Ludwig will hit the stage at 10am for some Beautiful tunes.

DimiVan Ludwig is a veteran pro, performing in Second Life since 2006. 
When you see Dimi perform, you get 100% Dimi…
Join us for his great sound ๐Ÿ’œ!

You can Check out Dimi’s website

Dimivan Ludwig – Chris Harlow

11 am brings us Alsund

Alsund is newish to me and wow I Love his stuff.

I love coming across a musician with depth and talent its one of my favorite things about Second life. The genuine style and feel of Alsundโ€™s music speaks to you in your jellies! The man has talent and is one of those hidden treasures in SL.

12 pn Noon Cranston Yordstorm takes the stage.

Cranston Yordstorm is a talented Singer with a passion for performance. He has years of experience as a performer in theater Musicals. HIs Storm front band accompanies his sets. Gotta Love a little swing and jazz with your blues.

Sunday January 15 2023 – The 12th Hippiestock You want to be here!

1 pm The Vinnie Show! are you ready for this?

Vinnie is a veteran Hippiestock Performer. Vinnie won the 2016 Avi Choice Awards – Best Acoustic & Best Originals

Wow! It is really great to work all day , deep in the code Mines, and then get a taste of things that really make it all worthwhile. Thank you Vinnie”


2 Pm Joe Paravane starts his set!

Another Owl Favorite and Second life Veteran Joe has a sweet sound and plays with multiple instruments.

San Francisco bay area singer songwriter performing acoustic finger-picking guitar mixing folk, rock, delta & ragtime styles. I perform classic songs from early roots folk to modern rock along with my own unique blend of original music.

Joe Rizzo – Joe Paravane website below video circa 2014 at Gutheries wa shot by Robert Little.

Lluis Indigo joins us at 3 pm

“This Spanish musician is talented…. whether he’s chilled or groovin” or “intense and focused”. 

He brings an artistry to his music that remains in your head long after his set is finished.

you can check him out on his website and at the show!

Do what is right, not what is easy.


Grand finale’ 4 – 6pm is Jed Luckless

with Moondance Parx sharing her Particle show!

With a pretty diverse set of influences and a self-taught technique that doesnโ€™t really subscribe to any one convention, itโ€™s a bit difficult to categorize the music I write,” says Jed. “But even when playing structured original or cover tunes, the concept at the heart of my music is improvisation and spontaneity. I love the idea of music that exists only in a moment. This was always the appeal to me of bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish, whose shows are never the same twice. Iโ€™ve tried to retain that feeling at my shows, by not using pre-planned set lists, by playing two long sets with a set break and by filling in transitions and solos with extended, improvisational jams. This has led fans to brand me with the nickname ‘Jamminโ€™ Jed.'”

jed Luckless in a New world notes interview

You can find out more about Jed on his website and Moondance well her particle show really has to be experienced to understand!

Hippiestock is a yearly event though we did miss one in 2022 due to well life. we hope you will join us Sunday!

Tune in turn on take the ride

whooo hoo

Peace ~Owl

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