ALSUND Live in the Tea Garden!

 This damn fine talented musician has been playing awhile (since the 70’s actually) and is damn good! 

Totally Owl approved! 
Real Music for Real folks … in a virtual world and 100 % Live.

Alsund is performing Live August 3 at 11 am in Second Life @ CTC Tea Garden

Your ride to the Garden!

So glad this talent found his way to Second Life!!
Hope you can join us!

The RealMachoy

I love coming across a musician with depth and talent its one of my favorite things about Second life. The genuine style and feel of Alsund’s music speaks to you in your jellies! The man has talent and is one of those hidden treasures in SL.Listening to his set his lyric writing style, guitar fingering and voice really come together in a wonderful way!

Keep an eye out in Second life come by Wednesday and catch the show.

Your ride to the Garden!

Video by Wildie Jenkins – check out her Youtube

See you at the show!!

Hoot Owl

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