The colorful world of Regi Yifu

Second Life opened in 2003, and the artists’ scene has been growing in many ways. With mesh introduced in 2011, the 3d art creators have even more ways to express their creativity.
Second Life provides artists with a forum to create new forms of art. This art is often beyond the possibilities in real life due to physical constraints or high associated costs. So this virtual world Second Life has built up a large art community with many opportunities for artists to create and share their work.

“Second Life has created an environment where artists can display their works to an audience across the world. This has created an entire artistic culture where many residents display art in the museums, galleries and homes they can buy or build using Second Life’s powerful tools. Gallery openings even allow art patrons to “meet” and socialize with exhibiting artists and has even led to many real life sales.”


Regi Yifu has been in the virtual world of Second Life and creating since 2007.

Some of his current exhibits include:

Glastonbelli art Installation –

Limitations are self-Imposed.

GlastonBelli and Corsica South Coasters are delighted to introduce a colorful new art installation by Regi Yifu, entitled ‘Limitations Are Self-Imposed.’ Artists-In-Residence is invited to exhibit for six months. This exhibit runs through November 18, 2022 

Featured on Second Life destinations Limitations are Self-Imposed is a very interactive and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. This exhibit was blogged by Inara Pey – Modem World and By Frank Atisso – Art Korner

Take a psychedelic trip and visit Regi’s work here.

Regi YIfu – Wormhole must be seen photos do not capture it.

WORMHOLE GALLERY by Regi Yifu at Artsville

This is inspired by a previous installation Regi did called Ant Farm; smaller in scale and more colorfully done, Wormhole is a psychedelic voyage through a tunnel featuring art by Sofi (bachi Cheng). the whole experience is interactive, with moving colors and a wild trip. Wormhole Gallery is exhibited atArtsville in Second Life. Artsville is an exciting collaboration between Art Korner and ValiumSL to promote creativity and artistic vision in Second Life.

TELEPORT to Wormhole Gallery

Recently SLEA, Second Life endowment for the arts announced Regi Yifu as the new SLEA coordinator.

With this new appointment, we can expect more great things and art collaboratives from Regi or fewer things; it is a big job, and I am sure he is up for the task.

Regi is also a popular DJ in Second Life.

DJ Yifu · Good Lord! You Need A Breath Mint!

Regi is talented in all worlds.

He recently released a cookbook and has some fantastic food photos on Instagram. You find out more about him and his book on his website here.

Seeing this talented artist’s work and projects is well with your time. They are fantastic and interactive; he also gives away fun toys to play with. Keep an eye out for Regi Yifu and visit his marketplace.

See you around the grid… Hoot

~ owl

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