Cranston Yordstorm Live in Second Life

Cranston Yordstorm is a talented Singer with a passion for performance. He has years of experience as a performer in theater Musicals.

 Cranston Yordstorm is a LIVE singer in Second Life, currently singing the best of America’s songbook in the style of one of his favorite crooners, Frank Sinatra. 

Do you have a taste for classic songs sung in the inimitable style of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra? Looking for a singer with a Jazzy, Swingy, Bluesy sound? If so, then you’ll want to catch the next Cranston Yordstorm performance.

Do come JoIn us for a

Live show by Cranston Yordstorm

July 20 at 11 am

Your limo to the show!

Poster by Owl

Cranston has many bookings in Second Life. you can find his calendar here

 Cranston is an actor in RL, performing at venues from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and across the United States Of America, performing in straight plays as a seasoned musical theatre performer. This experience has made him an exceptional performer in Second life bringing a whole engaging show with his singing.

 Anchored in a Blues and Jazz framework, he will entertain from a wide variety of musical styles and genres from Sinatra and Darin to Elton John, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and Elvis Presley.

Club CTO Destination Guide pic

Cranston also has his own club in SL Located in his Redwood Forest sim.

Club CTO was founded by Cranston Yordstorm and Turner Harbrough for those who enjoy frequenting Club CTO, which features a mix of musical styles, with a particular focus on Jazz, and blues and is to be a haven for SL live performers to hone their craft.

Visit Club CTO here

Cranston also holds the reigns in the Glastonbelli part of Corsica South Coasters. Glastonbelli hosts a myriad of fun things to do.

Glastonbelli Redwood grove. A Giant Pine and Redwood Sequoia forest park. Exploration and photography are encouraged. Find the cabin of The GlastonBelli Witch, and solve a mystery. Bungee Jumping. Home to GlastonBelli Dairy Farm, GlastonBelli Bakery, and Cheddarworx Railway lines and a roller coaster.

Your ride to the Glastonbelli Redwoods.

The Glastonbelli Pyramid stage. This build of The GlastonBelli Pyramid Stage was created in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of The Glastonbury Festival. There is a replica of Stonehenge nearby since hippies would assemble there before making the pilgrimage to Glastonbury.

Your ride to Glastonbelli Pyramid stage

Glastonbelli also has an Artist in residence program where an artist uses a 100 x 100 platform to build whatever they want to for 6 months. Currently, Regi YIfu is using it for his build  Limitations are Self-Imposed  a very colorful and fun 3d build with a thought provoking theme. 

You can find Cranston on 



You Tube

Hope to see you at the CTC Tea garden Show with Cranston June 20th at 11am!

I will be there Hoot💜

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