Lotus Li exhibiting “Phoenix Within”

Join us at 9 am Tuesday November 9th with DJ ASHLEE to kick off LOTUS LI’s exhibit


Your ride to the fun!

Exhibit runs November 9- November 21

**Come find her 10 works through out the village and visit her Gallery!

Lotus embraces many styles the constant is exploration.


The cycle of my inner Phoenix .
The Fight, death, rebirth, rising and healing.

My Phoenix rises, when my mind and soul is dying, bereft from broken trust/loyalty, betrayed by my inner circle. Malicious and spiteful attacks created a web of darkness that slowly eats at my soul.
It is from this darkness my Phoenix heart beats. it’s flame, cauterises
the deep pulsating wounds and scorches the path clear of those who turned on me.
Once the embers cool, the tears of healing, renew my soul and awaken my stronger more enlightened self.
Knowledge and empathy, love and respect flow again drowning the past, enriching the next steps to being free again.

Never forget the lessons of your past for they will be the steps of your future.

Lotus Li.”

Phoenix Within Profile - Lotus Li-
Phoenix Within Profile – Lotus Li-

“~@ Lotus LI Bio @~

Aussie Creative who has lived in Sl for way to long now to Give it up!
I call Second life a Passionate training ground for the Creative.

I am drawn to landscapes and seascapes with animals playing a big role in catching my eye.
when you get to share the magic of someone else’s creation with your added layers it can be a real joy.

You could say I am hooked on exploring the different textures and looks you can achieve in the mixed media style such as the Piece”

Currently Lotus’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast is showing


What does The Colour Blue, Mean to you?

To Often it is considered a negative emotional colour, yet when you look around you, the Colour Blue has so many moods, ones to inspire, give energy and comfort you.
The collection is a variety of shades, subjects and styles to show the versatility of Blue.

May your Blues be vibrant and energy giving and if you need to sooth those stormy darker blues, may Blue lights comfort you and give you peace.”

to see more of Lotus’s work visit her Gallery lm above and flip through

Lotus Li’s Flick

An impressive woman who thinks way outside the box.

~ Hope to see you at the party! owl

2 thoughts on “Lotus Li exhibiting “Phoenix Within”

  1. daallee

    Wonderful exhibit full of thought provoking and exquisite artistry. Definitely worth the time to explore Lotus collection and if lucky, meet the artist herself. You won’t regret it!
    Another great one Owl ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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