Hippiestock Jan. 30th 2021

Hippiestock the annual celebration put on by Hippie Bowman reaches it’s 11th year!

wow, what a long run. Hippie said this will be the last year he hosts this well loved Virtual festival. Do not miss it!

Tune in turn on and take the ride!

10 am The Vinnie Show!

11am Hippie Bowman & Dick “Marty” Steel

12pm Wiinston Ackland

1pm Dimi Ludwig

2pm Songbird Sorbet

3pm Lexus Melodie

4pm  Lexie luan & Zorch Boomhauer

5pm -7pm – Jed Luckless

with Moondance Parx particles

Tune in turn on and take the ride!

Hippiestock began January 15th, 2011.
We are going into our 11th Hippiestock January 30th, 2021.

“Hippiestock began as a party for all the people I met in the SL Forums. I was curious as to whom there fantastic people were, and I wanted to meet them in the pixel. At first I called the party “A Forum Dwellers Party”. As the communication over the Forums threads continued, someone dubbed the name “Hippiestock”, and it stuck. The party, after all was meant for good will to everyone. I believe in the hippie and bohemian ways, and want to promote Peace and love to all.”

Hippie Bowman

I want to thank all the performers and people in the background that makes Hippiestock what it is. After all it is the people that make it fantastic!

Here are some links to past Hippiestock stuff.

Hippiestock flicker groups here and here.

Jed Luckless & Lexi Marshal @ Hippiestock 5

Hope to see you at Hippiestock 11. A groovy and far out time will be had by all!

Do join us at what may be the last Hippiestock Hippie hosts for us.

~ see you at the show!!


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